Leeds | TQS Magazine

Every now and again on TQS we like to highlight a particular restaurant, bar or shop we think you’ll love. We often get asked about great places to eat in Leeds so we thought we’d let you know about (if you don’t already!) one of our favourites: Bibis Italianissimo…. There’s a lot going on in Leeds in May, not least in theatres! Have a look at TQS’s rundown of best picks to catch some fantastic drama and entertainment…. If you’re looking for a different cinema experience to that of your local Vue or Odeon then get yourself down to MinicinĂ© at Leeds Armley Mills. Within a stone’s throw of the Kirkstall leisure complex and typically taking place on the last Thursday of every month, MinicinĂ© is, as the name suggests, an intimate twist on a typical night at the movies….