How to Get Eyelash Extensions Off

Perhaps you’re one of those people in the UK or elsewhere in the world wondering how to get eyelash extensions off. It’s one thing to fix an eyelash extension and quite another to know how to take them off. Sustaining an eye injury by trying to remove them is the last thing you need. Therefore, it’s essential to know the proper procedure.

To know how to get eyelash extensions off without hurting your eyes, begin with a hot shower. Steam will loosen the glue around your eyelashes and the eyelash extensions. Afterwards, use oil-based cleaners to wipe the area and prepare it for a remover. The final step is to apply the lash adhesive remover to break down the glue and remove the extensions.

You’ll need to know how to get eyelash extensions off if you use them often. Keep reading to learn how to do it yourself without destroying your natural lashes.

Why Use Eyelash Extensions?

No makeup enhanced look is complete without eyelash extensions to highlight the beauty of the eyes. Eyelash extensions are false eyelashes made from materials like mink, synthetic, human, or horsehair. They are not exactly the same as false eyelashes as you won’t apply them the same way.

For one thing, lash extensions attach to your eyelash and not the skin, unlike false eyelashes. As such, it won’t cause any form of eye irritation as even the glue used is non-toxic and not harmful. The only problem is the tedious process, as it takes a long time to attach them strand after strand.

Eyelash extensions can instantly transform your look. They’ll enhance your beauty, leave room for customisation, bring zero discomfort, and last a long time. Additionally, there’s no need to add mascara to your routine with eyelash extensions.

Can I Remove Lashes at Home?

After enjoying such heightened beauty, we all know that you can’t wear your eyelash extensions forever. For this reason, it’s vital to know how to get eyelash extensions off. And it’s especially crucial if you plan to remove them yourself at home. The question, however, is whether it’s safe to remove lashes at home yourself.

Honestly, you should consult the service of a professional to remove the lashes when ready. Unlike regular lashes, these extensions have a much stronger adhesive glue. It’s a more delicate process to pull out the lashes without removing your natural lash.

It’s best to settle for the DIY only when the experts aren’t around. And if you do, you must have detailed knowledge of the correct procedure. This will ensure that you can remove the eyelash extensions without getting hurt.

How to Get Eyelash Extensions Off

There are so many trends online which can be misleading. Even though some suggest using Vaseline to remove eyelash extensions, it’s appropriate to say now that it doesn’t work. Other suggestions like using olive oil, coconut oil, etc., are also misleading and could be harmful to your natural lashes. 

With these three easy steps below, you should be able to get eyelash extensions off without hassle. Remember to ensure your hands are clean throughout the process to avoid getting an infection in your eyes.

1. Begin with Steam Treatment

Starting with a hot bath will loosen the bonds between the extensions and natural lashes. It’s advisable to clean the eye area with a clean towel before proceeding to the bath.

2. Apply Oil-Based Cleansers

Oil-based cleansers typically weaken the adhesive around these lashes. When you initially fix your lashes, you’ll have to stay away from these types of cleansers to ensure they stick. Now, you’ll need the oil-based cleansers to take the lashes off.

Remember that these cleansers don’t remove the lashes but simply weaken the adhesive bond. After steaming, use an oil-based cleanser to wipe the eye areas carefully in a circular motion.

3. Use Lash Removers

Get a top-notch lash remover that weakens the glue and ultimately pulls the lashes off. Dampen a swab of cotton with the liquid before placing it on the eye area for at least thirty seconds. Remove the cotton swab gently in the form of a sweeping motion.

You’ll watch as the lashes come off with the cotton pad and leave your natural eyelashes intact. Ensure you don’t pull or tug at the eyelashes if they don’t come off quickly. You may simply need to repeat this step to get the remaining eyelash extensions off. 


Eye cosmetics are more delicate than any regular makeup, so you should handle them carefully. Now, you know how to get eyelash extensions off without the fear of hurting your eyes. With the detailed steps in this post, you can rest assured that you’re using the safest method possible.