How Much Is a Balayage UK?

Many people in the UK ask, “How Much is a Balayage?”. Despite its association with celebrities, the Balayage technique has become mainstream. In fact, the Balayage is one of the most searched colouring techniques in the UK now. In this article, we will show you the price of a Balayage and tips on how to get it right. 

There are various types of Balayage, so a discussion with your stylist on available options will guide price determination. However, it’s good to know beforehand that a Balayage is pricier than traditional highlights. The level of sophistication and quality of finish you are looking for will also determine the price of a Balayage. Expect to pay between £100 and £190 for a full head. 

But What Is a Balayage 

A Balayage sounds strange, right? Yes, Balayage is actually a French word that means Sweeping. In keeping with its French meaning, the Balayage technique uses freehand sweeping motions to apply colour or lightener to the hair. The technique is rich in colour and artistry, and with a good colourist, a bespoke look is always within reach.   

Is a Balayage for Me?

Definitely! A Balayage can work for anyone, but those with free-textured hair are most favoured because that type of hair affords easy personalization. It is ideal for both light and dark coloured hair. And can also be produced on any length of hair ranging from short pixie haircuts to long waves. 

A blonde Balayage seems to be the preferred shade, but that doesn’t mean you must go for it. It is possible to try out different colours and incorporate different shades to add depth to your hair colour. You’ll get the best results with red, blonde to dark, medium, light long or medium hair beginning an inch from the roots. 

How Long Does It Last?

Unlike traditional highlights, which require touch-ups weekly, a Balayage does not require frequent maintenance. You can consider having an appointment with your colourist every 9 to 12 weeks. What makes a Balayage more durable is that the highlights stay on top as the roots grow out softly and evenly. Find quality colour care products to keep your Balayage fresh and rejuvenated for longer. 

Benefits of a Balayage 

The following are some of the benefits of getting a Balayage. 

  • Healthy, natural-looking, sun-kissed hair.
  • The Colour effect can easily be tailored. IE: It can be bold or quite subtle based on your personal taste.
  • Doesn’t cover grey but blends them in well.
  • Less obvious regrowth lines.
  • Does not cause damage to the hair. 
  • A classic look for the red carpet.
  • Unique in nature and not widely used 

Differences between Highlights and a Balayage 

The main difference between traditional highlights and a Balayage is that highlights have noticeable regrowth and harsh colour separation lines. They also don’t provide the natural sun-kissed look that a Balayage is known for. Again, the traditional highlights almost always require foil, while a Balayage is a freehand technique.   

How Long Does It Take to Get a Balayage?

Depending on the level of skill or quality of finish, your colourist could need up to 2 hours. In most cases, one hour would be enough for your colourist to work out the desired look. If time is of the essence, have a conversation with your stylist on how long it will take before you start. 

How to Apply a Balayage 

Applying a Balayage is not a highly complex process. But if you’ve never done it before, it is advisable to work with a colourist or a stylist.

The colour is painted on thin strands. The painting typically begins two inches away from the roots, gradually growing heavier down the strands. Make it fine at the top, steadily thickening it through the ends and lengths.

What to Have in Mind

Ensure you have an excellent cut to create a base for applying a Balayage to suit your hair profile. The stylish should let you know the cut and shape best suited for you and the colour that can give the best result for your skin type.  

The following are the recommended Balayage colours for your skin type:

  • Pale skin – A red, light brown, blonde, or dark brown Balayage works well.
  • Medium skin tone – Stick to soft browns and warm blondes, although chocolate browns and reds will also work well for you. Beware of light colours because they can wash out the skin. 
  • Dark skin – It’s best served by caramel, light colours, and ashy blonde shades. 

If you are experimenting with colours, you will find cool shades like purples and blues quite appealing. 


Getting a Balayage in the UK can be pricey. But the price differs from one salon to another. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from £100 to £190 for a full Balayage in the UK. Bear in mind, though, that the results and benefits of a Balayage far outweigh those of traditional highlights. Which makes it well worth the money.