How Long Does a Sunbed Tan Take To Develop?

Those who use artificial tanning methods may wonder: How long does a sunbed tan take to develop? In the UK, using artificial ultraviolet rays for tanning the skin is becoming a developing trend for many. As a result, there are more and more questions about how the sunbed tan works.

It takes two to three weeks for your skin to tan if you’re using a sunbed treatment. However, changes in skin colour result from adhering to the process and diligently sticking to a routine. You should use the sunbed to tan at least three to four times a week for faster results. Maintain forty-eight-hour intervals between these sessions.

Sunbed tanning is one of the easiest ways to give your skin a glow without tanning in the sunlight. This post will answer all your questions regarding how long a sunbed tan takes to develop.

How Does a Sunbed Tan Work?

The natural element that tans the skin is the sun’s ultraviolet rays which force the skin to produce melanin. Melanin is the substance that gives the darker, golden-like shade you see on the skin of people. Good enough, with technology advancing every day, you can now tan your skin using what science refers to as a ‘sunbed.’

Sunbeds try to imitate the effect of sunlight on the skin by producing rays that enhance melanin. The equipment emits UVA and UVB rays on the subject for a set period. Even though there is no proof, some believe sunbed technology can help with certain skin treatments.

Aside from this, sunbed is also an easy and highly efficient way to get a skin tan. Simultaneously, some believe its action on the skin also provides it with vitamin D for a healthier texture. This equipment also helps treat winter depression as it gives people a feel of sunlight.

How Long Does a Sunbed Tan Take to Develop?

The effect of sunbed tanning comes quickly, though you have to consider certain factors. One key feature to check is your skin type and how easily it chooses to accept the rays. if you’re anxious about the result, you may ask, ‘how long does a sunbed tan take to develop?’

It takes two to three weeks for your skin to tan but with regular sessions attached. You should be going to tan your skin at least three times a week for results. Keep in mind that you might start getting results once you have one or two sessions.

You shouldn’t rely on these quick hints and stop the sunbed sessions. Instead, continue to repeat the process as frequently as possible. You’ll need to keep the practice if you want an even and concrete, well-defined tan effect on your skin.

Don’t forget you’ll need to space the hours between these weekly sessions. Give each session a minimum of forty-eight hours of space. This time will allow lost cells to rejuvenate for another session and help secure your skin qualities.

Disadvantages of Sunbed Tanning

If the natural sun could have so many side effects on the skin, there’s no way artificial UV rays are better. As a matter of fact, there are so many risks when you use this method to tan your skin. Here are some of the disadvantages of tanning your skin using a sunbed tan:

Risk of Melanoma

This type of skin condition stems from the continuous use of sunbeds. Avoid the tendency to go through this stress by avoiding sunbeds.

Ageing Skin

Using a sunbed can lead to skin ageing earlier than it is supposed to. Even the natural sunlight affects a person who continuously enters it over time.

Exposure to Rays

The rays from the machine are not healthy for your skin and your overall body. Just as we stay away from the sun’s harshness, it’s also worth avoiding such rays.


You should now have more answers to your question, ‘how long does a Sunbed tan take to develop?’ Also, you’ve seen the good and the wrong sides of undergoing this treatment. However, you should also know there are ways to minimise the risk of the machine. Ensure you consult a medical professional to guide you before you begin.