How Long Does a Perm Take?

The love of perms has spread around the UK and made fashion enthusiasts ask, “How long does a perm take?”. Anyone will agree that the curls are irresistible, with styles aplenty. When you jump into getting one, it’s key to know how long it’ll take to get your hair into shape.

It takes two to three hours to perm your hair and give it the curls you crave. The time you spend is as a result of washing, rolling, applying the perm solution, and drying the hair. After perming, the perm can last for four to six months for short perms. For longer perms, it may last up to eight months.

When you rush off for your perm, you’re likely to wonder how long the perm take will take. Keep reading to discover all the answers you need.

Why Should You Get a Perm?

We refer to a permanent wave as a “perm”, which is the process of adding curls to the hair. You can get a perm using chemical or thermal methods with straightforward processes. Also, perming your hair doesn’t damage the strands but it may slightly weaken or dry them.

The sheer beauty of those curls is more than enough reason to get your hair permed. When you perm your hair, it appears thicker and fuller than it usually would.

With permed hair, the curls are always present, so the volume and style are easily maintained. You can now skip having to dry and blow your hair and curling it into shape. In just a few minutes, you can form your hair into numerous styles as you wish and transform your appearance.

How Long Does a Perm Take?

Now you’re aware of why you should perm your hair, you’ll likely want to know: How long does a perm take? A perm should take nothing more than three hours of running through the entire process in a professional salon. Though the type of perm you want to get may affect this time, it shouldn’t go beyond this range.

Another factor that affects how long a perm takes is the length of the hair and the resultant steps required. The shorter your hair the less time it will take to execute the perm. On average, short perms usually last for four to six months as long as the person maintains it properly.

For long perms, they can last beyond six months for up to eight months if adequately managed. The first and utmost treatment to give to your newly permed hair is to allow it to dry with natural air. You can also try heat styling as long as you wouldn’t hurt the hair.

What Does a Perm Entail?

There’s no need to wonder anymore or ask, ‘how long does a perm take?’ You should be thinking about getting it done.

Firstly, you’ll need the hands of a professional to perm your hair without making mistakes that can hurt the strands. If you aren’t able to visit a salon, you can alternatively perm your hair yourself. 

Be careful when perming, and ensure you read the instructions you’ll find on your perm kit before anything. With that, follow the steps below to get a perm.

Wash Your Hair

Using a shampoo, wash your hair thoroughly before drying it with a towel. Be careful not to dry the hair so much. You’re to leave it moist and not necessarily wet.

Roll Your Hair

Get your curlers and roll your hair in them. If they begin to dry, get a spritzer to moisturise them. The rollers you use will determine the intensity of the curl. Larger rollers mean looser curls and vice versa.

Use Vaseline

You’ll need vaseline to protect your skin from the perm chemical that may drip to your skin. Use a cotton swab to line the areas around your head with the vaseline.

Apply the Perm Solution

Curl by curl, apply the perm solution without skipping any curls. Ensure you add enough solution to saturate the hair. Afterwards, wait for the time the specification on the perm kit requires.

Finish the Process

Rinse the hair while the curlers are still in place, and then add some neutralising solution. Loosen the hair from the rollers carefully so you won’t stretch them before rinsing again. Finally, leave the hair to dry with natural air.


You have all the answers to the question ‘how long does a perm take?’. Additionally, you have tips to help you get your perm up within the time stipulated in this article. Enjoy getting those beautiful curls on your hair in no time.