How Tall Was Princess Diana?

Despite her passing, Princess Diana is still adored by millions who are curious as to how tall Princess Diana was. Diana, Princess of Wales, established herself as the queen of hearts when she was alive. Her quiet demeanour and genuine interest in the wellbeing of the masses made her the people’s favourite. 

Princess Diana was almost the same height as her ex-husband Prince Charles. She stood elegantly at 1.78 meters (5 feet and 10 inches) which is taller than the average British woman. The average British woman stands at 1.61 meters, according to the BBC. The princess’s height had quite an impact on her life, both positively and negatively.

While making lasting impressions on the people’s hearts, she also gave unforgettable fashion statements discussed decades later. Most of her looks were pulled off effortlessly due to her towering svelte stature.

Was Princess Diana’s Height a Blessing or a Curse?

Princess Diana’s height was not always an advantage to her. Although her towering height made her look regal in whatever she donned, a few disadvantages came with being so tall.

On her wedding day, she deliberately opted for lower-heeled shoes so that she wouldn’t look taller than her husband. Although according to Buckingham Palace, there was a statement released that Prince Charles was just an inch taller than the princess.

Her tall stature also impeded one of her childhood dreams, being a dancer. Growing up, she took ballet classes and fell in love with the art. Due to her height, she couldn’t pursue dancing as a profession and had to give up her aspirations. 

Instead, she opted to work as a kindergarten aide before assuming her royal duties as a princess. However, she didn’t give up her dreams as a young adult and hired a private ballet teacher to rekindle her passion for dance.


Princess Diana was a very tall woman, but she didn’t let her towering stature be a drawback. She pulled off so many iconic looks effortlessly, and we can agree that her height was a big plus.