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Ok kids, I’m going to own up, I’m afraid I wasn’t really paying attention at the beginning of this week’s episode.  How very poor form for a (mostly highly professional) TV critic.  That said, I don’t particularly feel I missed anything too important – picked up on a German themed party and a cow being shot.  Not totally sure of their significance.

Where I did pay attention, though, there were some firm themes to be had in episode 3 which are definitely helping to pull the show together.  The most disturbing for me was the emotional instability of the younger children.  The little girl has clear issues accepting her mother’s death as she begins to experience hallucinations of her mother, mostly unperceived by the other characters.  Ryan, meanwhile, continues to explore identity and attachment questions as he struggles in school and rather livelily befriends the class frogs.

Meanwhile Mia continues on her journey with the family and the distractions the village brings.  It was quite a thrilling episode for resident hottie Ben as things steamed up for him and Mia.  We had touching as he helped her in from the hospital, challenging as he discovered she was a pre-op transsexual and pretty raunchy right at the end as Mia showed him just how easy it is to adapt.  Mia’s steps toward conformity were helped along as she opened up to Riley and secured her trust.  It was good also really to see Riley’s vulnerability for the first time – it’s easy to forget how young she’s meant to be still when she’s such a hard-faced bitch.

Another first – this was the only episode to date where Mia’s career truly came close to disrupting her newfound home life.  Though the illegality has been impressed upon us already, and physical danger hinted at, Mia’s so badass that really her assassin day job was more a whim than a threat.  This week, however, a hit that went wrong forced her into hospital and barely out of the law’s clutches.

On the note of threat, Mia’s boss is becoming more and more creepy – how long will it be till he rivals the bully for bully status.  Her boss’ proprietorial attitude is compounded by his controlling demeanour – the bully is too weak for Mia, but her boss controls her identity, livelihood, and, thanks to his investment, her family.

Complexities all over the shop are making this more and more intriguing each week (which I’m pleased about – would feel pretty sorry for myself if it was a total bore).  WHO IS THE TRAMPY GUY?

Hit and Miss airs on Sky Atlantic, Tuesdays at 10pm

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