Guide to surving Reading & V Festival | TQS Magazine

Do you like loud noises? Do you like tents? Do you like not really having a proper sleep for a few days and feeling like a zombie when you try and go back to work, only to find your brain no longer functions due to tiredness and your only option is to sit and cry? Great, you’ll freakin’ love V Festival and Reading Festival. But you can’t just expect this to happen all by itself. Oh no. If you turn up to a festival unprepared, with a mind that thinks you can simply act like normal and be fine, then you’re going to end up hating yourself for missing out. No-one wants to hate themselves. With that in mind we’ve created this handy guide on how to make the most of being stuck in a field getting sunburnt first of all though you’ll need to visit StubHub to get your tickets to V Festival and click here for tickets to Reading Festival.

Proceed with eyes wide open and a pen. There will be a quiz. *

Step 1: Pack extra socks.

Your feet are going to stink after half an hour, max. Having some fresh socks to change into will make you feel like a GOD, and that’s always nice.

Step 2: Don’t give your number out to ‘festival friends.’

You’re going to meet some interesting people, but do you really want to have to speak to the man who helped tie-dye your tent ever again? Him being a nutter that once might be hilarious, but what if he’s like that all the time? You’d get sick of him, you’d probably grow to hate him, you might want to tie-dye his face with your fists. Not worth the risk, really.

Step 3: Stay off Instagram.

Do you enjoy having friends? Keep it that way by not sharing all the fun you’re having with all the people who couldn’t manage to go.

Step 4: Don’t let anyone sit on your shoulders.

Guys, a) she’s not going to sleep with you unless b) she’s your girlfriend, in which case you don’t need to win her over again by ruining everyone else’s view.

*There is no quiz.