Getting a cinema experience from your tablet | TQS Magazine

Forget the big and small screens: it’s the tablet that could be taking over the world of film. More movie lovers are turning to their iPads and Nexus 7 devices when it comes to watching the latest blockbusters, as they take advantage of digital streaming and downloads, high-quality displays and the convenience of viewing from wherever’s convenient.

However, even the biggest fans will admit that there are some downsides to watching films from a tablet – and not just that there isn’t a nearby popcorn vendor! Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can improve the movie-watching experience on your device, so you can really get into the action – check out some of our top tips below:

Improve the sound

Sound quality is often one of the most disappointing aspects of viewing a film on a tablet, but you can tackle the problem with a decent set of speakers or earphones. Ebuyer stocks a great range of Bluetooth speakers that will give you great volume – ideal for when you’re watching at home. The absence of wires means you can place them wherever provides the best acoustics.

Try headphones from a top brand like Beats by Dr Dre for excellent sound quality when you’re on the move. Look for sound isolation so ambient noises don’t interrupt your movie experience.

Get a stand

An aching arm or overheating device can really hamper your film session, so invest in a stand that will keep your tablet at the perfect viewing angle. Something portable with an adjustable height and angle is best for when you’re on the move – this Arkon travel tablet stand is ideal, and is suitable for a variety of devices.

There’s the opportunity for something a little more advanced when you’re at home, and we’ve found just the thing: an adjustable floor stand such as this from Xpress UK. It’s great for when you want to lay back on the couch or in bed and have the entertainment come to you.

Find top movies

The best way to enjoy a great movie experience is to find an incredible film, so make sure you’re taking advantage of all available entertainment resources. The first place to start is on your device’s respective digital store – such as Google Play for Android users and iTunes for those with Apple devices – from where you can usually rent or buy digital copies of new and old movies.

Most devices are also compatible with streaming services such as Netflix and LOVEFiLM Instant, which allow you to watch as many TV shows and movies from their catalogue as you like for a set subscription fee. If you want to avoid commitment, try blinkbox, which allows you to rent or buy for a one-off price.