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Our latest Queer International contributor is from Germany. A country I’m very fond of and having travelled there a couple of times, I’ve always thought it a very gay-friendly place. It’s not unusal to see men or women together in the streets and homosexuality generally seemed to be generally accepted. Let’s have a look at the Holger’s answers to see if my assumptions were correct:

Q. Tell us about a German LGBT film:

A. very nice gay movie from Germany is called “Sommersturm” directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner. It tells the story of the coming-out of a teenager. Tobi and Achim have known each other since childhood and also train together in a rowing club. Tobi falls in love with Achim. Overwhelmed by his feelings he kisses him, but Achim is very irritated and takes refuge from this situation…

Q. Tell us about a gay icon from your country:

I think in Germany there are those who are also revered throughout the world, such as Marlene Dietrich, Madonna, Cher, Kylie Minoque. Some (gay) Germans who are very popular among LGBT people are for example; Marianne Rosenberg (singer), Hape Kerkeling (comedian), Olivia Jones (drag queen) and Klaus Wowereit (Mayor of Berlin).

Mayor of Berlin with his Partner

Q. Is gay marriage legal where you live?

Yes it is, and I’m married to my man.

Q. How do you say “I’m gay and proud” in German?

A . “Ich bin stolz schwul zu sein.” (I’m proud to be gay!)

Q. Sum up gay culture in your country in 10 words or less:

A. Living as a gay in Germany is generally the most normal thing in the world.

These answers were provided by Holger of Northern Delight , a German language lifestyle/technology blog written by him and his husband. If you speak German, like Twitter and have an interest in technology you’d be a fool not to follow them @nd_blog