Film blog | TQS Magazine – Part 5

“Urinals, pool halls, nail bars, a Ford Capri and scratch card. A suburban noir about rumour, inheritance and fatal attraction.” Our Kickstarter of the month.

An alien invasion leaves earth confused with memories forgotten. Our review of Oblivion starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.

Universal Pictures have launched a new initiative called ”My Universal” which invites film lovers to “relive the unforgettable DVDs that make you laugh, make you cry and make you, you.”

Likely leaving you nursing a hangover of your own, ‘Spring Breakers’ is a trashy yet terrific deconstruction of how the glossy excesses of today’s media output, has managed to seduce and influence the actions of its target demographic.

Despite such miniscule flaws, ‘Trance’ is another timely reminder of the bold brilliance of Boyle. A gloriously visceral mind-f**k with a pulse pounding soundtrack.

Last night Paramount Pictures celebrated WWF’s Earth Hour by creating a MASSIVE STAR TREK LOGO in the sky above London. Pretty cool, right?

Whilst this adaptation sets out a more contemporary fate for Hansel and Gretel, the narrative fails to expand much further than the original fable

Watching a black and white classic in a venue like The Troxy is reason enough to consider this event even before you’ve enjoyed the wonderfully choreographed mixture of live music & theatre.

Park Chan-wook’s English language debut, Stoker, hits all the right notes, delivering breathtaking style with the assistance of gripping gothic substance.

So before you head to Marks and Spencer or the local wine shop for your next bottle, consider the following four films to watch as you enjoy it.