Film blog | TQS Magazine – Part 4

After spending lots of money on fizzy, salty and sugary snacks at the cinema’s refreshment counter, the last thing you need is a film that puts you off your appetite.

To coincide this year’s season of outdoor film at Somerset House, Film4 have teamed up with Print Club London to curate a screen printed poster exhibition.

Neil Jordan extracts the gothic from the mundane as he returns to the genre that made his name nearly 10 years ago, in new Vampire thriller Byzantium.

To celebrate Last Exorcism: Part II hitting our cinemas June 7, StudioCanal have put together one of the creepiest things we’ve ever been sent – a possessed font!

Whilst Man of Steel may have cost $175 million to make, it turns out that the cost of actually being Superman is only £5,678. Who knew?

9 super cool alternative Star Trek Into Darkness posters.

Our review Baz Luhrmann’s long anticipated adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s parody of the American Dream – The Great Gatsby.

JJ Abrams second instalment of Star Trek films brings us one step closer to the idealism and exploration that the original series brought to our screens.

YouTuber Richard Sandling has cleverly cut a trailer from the 1974 film to almost exactly replicate the new one. Watch them side by side.

Pathé have put together a wonderfully comprehensive “Alphabet According to Almodóvar”, watch it now!