Fashion | TQS Magazine – Part 12

Never heard of Neither had we until a few weeks back but thankfully we stumbled upon them and thought we’d introduce the brilliant concept as well as a selection of our favourite cool men’s T-shirts from the site.

This summer men’s fashion is all about the coloured jean and here at TQS we believe the brighter the better. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to liven up your wardrobe and get noticed then check out our 3 hot-picks:

With the fleeting sunshine that visited the UK at the end of this week, I found myself in a rather picturesque park agonising about the increasing ruddiness of my cheeks and nose. What I really could have used was a delightful summer straw hat to maintain my dignity and composure. Therefore the focus of this week’s women’s fashion rundown is a poorly disguised personal shopathon.

Summer is upon us (yes, we are ignoring the rainclouds) and with itcomes the associated women’s fashion – bikinis, flip-flops,shorts…now I don’t have many fabulously extravagant holidays to the Caribbean planned, I’ll be lucky if I get as far as Scarborough, but Iam not missing out on one of my favourite items – shorts!

We’re going to start our new fashion feature with some men’s fashion, as summer approaches (despite what the weather would have you believe) a summer blazer is an essential in any man’s wardrobe.