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Summer is upon us (yes, we are ignoring the rainclouds) and with it comes the associated women’s fashion – bikinis, flip-flops, shorts…now I don’t have many fabulously extravagant holidays to the Caribbean planned, I’ll be lucky if I get as far as Scarborough, but I am not missing out on one of my favourite items.  And so our run-down of shorts this week is tailored to the euphemism “British Summertime”- bring on the wellies!

Denim- Starting at the basics, who can beat Levis for a classic denim short?

Why we like: versatility!

Price: £30.00

Wear with: an oversized knit & wellies or moccasins & a granddad blouse

Where to find: urban outfitters

High-waisted – Big fan of these beauties for accentuating the waist and the cute 50s shape.

Why we like: bold florals for sunshine or disco

Price: £32.00

Wear with: a crop t-shirt for the brave, a body for the less so.

Where to find:

Culottes – The curveball – but tres chic, like a mid ground between thehighwaisted short and palazzo pant.

Why we like: chiffon makes us feel fancy

Price: £33.50

Wear with: peep toes & red lipstick

Where to find:

Shorts chosen by Claudia Rowe, who can be found on Twitter Here

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