Fashion Finds #10: Vicious History | TQS Magazine

When you’re a teenager, and you go through that awkward phase of ‘finding yourself’ (usually under the duvet covers with a Littlewoods catalogue), you experiment with different, usually quite extreme fashion choices. Sure, there was always that girl at school who wore nothing but sensible jeans from Next, and probably will for the rest of her life, but for the more adventurous amongst us, it usually involved some form of garish neon, or whatever else was in trend for your generation. The phrase ‘Adidas Poppers’ comes to mind.

Then there was the goth phase – which, if I’m honest, I’ve never quite grown out of. I love skull motifs and print (McQ4LIFE) in fashion, winter is my favourite time of year, sartorially speaking, and I’ve more shades of grey in my wardrobe than the best sellers stand in WHSmith. So when purveyors of fine-apparel-with-a-hint-of-goth Vicious History got in touch, we just had to feature them.

As with most of the men’s fashion brands we feature here on TQS, the main line is that of t shirts – and it’s a pretty small collection, with less than 15 tees to chose from. But it’s quality over quantity in this case – each piece featured a pretty swanky design – whether that’s an illustrated pin up girl or Derren Brown-esque Svengali doll, or a graphic gravestone, or wolf print. The brand’s American, which is great if you’re looking for a men’s fashion find that you won’t see someone else sporting when you’re rocking up to that heavy metal gig, or séance in the woods.

We also like how the brand stretches beyond the clothes into more of what we’re going to call an ‘online lifestyle movement’. Yup, we went there. Check out their inspiration section on their site, or their Tumblr page to see how you can immerse yourself in all things Vicious History.

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Martin Carter