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Not the usual piece on TQS here but we heard about this story and now feel the importance of a Will is something that cannot be stressed enough and it is something we all should make – regardless of how uncomfortable we feel doing it. Having personal items and last wishes drawn up and placed into a legal document means that those that are entitled to what you want them to be, actually receive those objects and your last wishes are carried out as you would want, not as someone else would see fit.

With the modern living arrangements, it is more important than ever to have a will drawn up as legally, even though living with someone, you cannot always guarantee you are entitled to anything. Drawing up a Will should be seen as a necessity and it is an easy process, however it must be done correctly otherwise it would be discarded in legal terms. Places like the will writing section on Saga can create a Will with all the correct proceedings if anything should happen and they will be able to offer any legal advice regarding living situations.

Although developments in legal terms have certainly arisen for unmarried couples in recent times, not much has changed with regard to an unmarried person’s right to inherit upon their partner’s death. This is not just the case in English law, when tragedy struck for Shane Bitney Crone, he would never have imagined what happened and the shocking ordeal led him to create a YouTube video which highlights the need to have a Will.

Shane’s partner Tom died from falling from a rooftop terrace and even though they had been together for almost six years and living together in California, it was Tom’s parents who decided what to do with Tom’s body and how the funeral arrangements were going to take place as Tom did not have a Will. As Tom’s parents disagreed with Tom and Shane’s relationship he was not welcome at the funeral in Indiana, even though Tom himself no longer considered this his home and Shane was not entitled to any of Tom’s belongings, money or discussions on how his funeral should be carried out.

Shane was left with nothing and he had no legal entitlement to anything to do with Tom as they were not seen as being “together” by the government, they were only seen as roommates and business partners. As Tom’s parents wanted nothing to do with Shane he had no options available to him.

Taking the necessary steps to protect your loved ones as well as yourself, whatever your sexual orientation, means having the security of protection if your partner was to die.