End of Summer Fashion Show Leeds | TQS Magazine

We’d be a bit more upset about the name ‘End of Summer Fashion Show’ if we’d ACTUALLY HAD SUMMER. Grumble grumble. But what better way to get over it and to usher in autumn (sorry, but it is nearly September) than to spend a dreary Thursday night in the company of some great new fashion? So we pulled on our best brogues and headed out to Tiger Tiger in Leeds to see what was in store.

We arrived at the venue and took our seats, being treated to an electric violin performance before the show kicked off proper. The choice of venue was perhaps a little odd, with a large stage (which wasn’t used) in the middle, and the seats very close to the catwalk / models, but hey, what do we know? It meant we got to see the clothes up close and personal, and maybe that was the point. (Bit unfortunate for one of the designer’s hemming skills though…)

Claire Baxter

The night kicked off with Claire Baxter’s collection. Our ears pricked up when the compere announced she’d been working with Jeremy Scott, whom we’re big fans of, so we were keen to see what came out into the room. And when it did, there was an audible intake of breath from the crowd. A show-stopping array of Vegas-Girl-meets-Lana-Del-Ray-on-a-porn-set, it wasn’t what we’d expected, to say the least. Confident to the point of cocky, it wasn’t fashion for the fainted hearted. Gutsy and glamorous, with bunny ears to rival Louis’, Baxter certainly left an impression. One to watch.

Scarlett Stuart

Katrina Maughan

Other stand outs from the twelve designers showcasing were Scarlett Stewart, whose Japanese inspired, frankly mental designs stood out from the rest. The strength in it’s detail and it’s silhouettes, certainly created the more atmosphere in the room than any other of the collections. Well it was that, or the ridiculously unwalkable wooden platforms the models were sporting. Not going to lie – everyone in the room was expecting a Campbell / Westwood moment, but kudos to all the girls for staying upright. Katrina Maughan, who was last to showcase, was our favourite of the womenswear on the night, with a bit more subtle than that which precededed her. The use of leather really impressed us, as did it’s wearability.

There was stuff for the guys too (which we were pretty happy about – you know we’re very men’s fashion focused here). We liked the tailoring elements of Bethany Claire – whose decadent collars and jackets were impressive, as well as the simple, wearable parts of Mary James’ line, which included some jumpers we’d gladly take home. Cross Culture Fashion also gets a mention for their considered urban styling.

Bethany Claire

Mary James

Overall we had a load of fun, and the designers we mentioned are definitely worth a look if you’re after something different to the high street. End of Summer Fashion Show has been running for a few years now, so be sure to keep a look out for the next one (especially if it’s not in Tiger Tiger) by liking them on Facebook.

Big thanks to WildChildMedia for letting us use their shots – have a look at their Facebook for more photos from the event.