downton abbey blog | TQS Magazine – Part 2

This week we saw a conventional hour of old-fashioned Downton – stresses over evening dress, Thomas fighting with anyone he can find and a heart-wrenching storyline for Mrs Hughes.

Downton’s back, and with a novel viewing experience for yours truly – I didn’t cry! I’m sure my loyal readers are probably thinking I’ve grown into a callous crone in the past year, but I beg to differ – the episode was as touching as ever, it was simply so joyous and entertaining that even Matthew and Mary’s wedding made me warm and fuzzy rather than cold and teary.

Thus it draws to a close … and all I can say is be glad my mother wasn’t writing this blog because nothing would have been a surprise.  Matthew wounded but not seriously (in the end)?  Check.  Lavinia dying of Spanish flu?  Check.  Bates killing…

Apologies for the delay on this week’s post – the frivolities of Halloween have taken their toll on my fragile head. But what of Downton, what ghouls and spectres came out to haunt the house members this week?

Someone claiming to be the heir returns, Mrs. Bates gets her comeuppance, Mary is betrothed to a bully and oh yeah, the war is over. Read Claudia’s review of a thrilling episode of Downton Abbey.

In her latest Downton Abbey installment, Claudia grieves and vents her frustrations towards Lavina.

Claudia reviews the latest installment of Downton Abbey, from the sound of it she’ll probably be watching it on-loop until next week’s episode.

Thomas in charge of Downton!  I’m surprised that hasn’t done it for Mr Carson.  Still appearances must be upheld and thus far Thomas has been entirely overshadowed by the rebellious Branson.  With the arrival of Major Bryant comes, not murder, but a cowpat and some sour milk.  Still, that’s plenty shocking enough for poor Downton.

And so we open, once again, with a date: April 1917. Now without wanting to cover the same ground as with the first episode, the movement of time is still proving troublesome.

In Claudia’s first installment of her Downton Abbey series blog she explores her voyeurism, undeveloped morality and ITV’s advert breaks.