Does Vaseline Help Grow Eyelashes?

The desperate need to revive your lashes can make you wonder: Does Vaseline help grow eyelashes? If you’re in the UK and have heard about Vaseline and eyelash growth, you might find it difficult to believe. After all, you don’t want to damage your eyelashes and hurt your eyes. 

Vaseline petroleum jelly doesn’t help you grow longer eyelashes, nor does it make them grow faster. As a moisturiser, it humidifies your skin and dampens the eyelash hairs to make them look longer. In other words, it is only creating an illusion that there is an increase in hair length. Nevertheless, it has other benefits to offer your eyelashes. 

If you’ve been using Vaseline for a while and felt there’s something weird about it, it’s time to find out. Keep reading for comprehensive answers to your question, ‘does Vaseline help grow eyelashes?’ 

What Is Vaseline?

Vaseline is the most common petroleum jelly among many other brands available in the United Kingdom. It is a product of a hundred per cent white petroleum; hence, you can also refer to it as petroleum jelly. Since it began in 1859, this rub has helped people worldwide in many ways.

The most prominent function of Vaseline is as a moisturiser which removes the dryness of the skin. In weather conditions such as harmattan in African countries, Vaseline humidifies the skin and restores its elasticity. Sometimes, it even serves as a massaging balm, helping to soothe pains from stress or injuries.

Vaseline can be very beneficial for various parts of your body. Due to these benefits, the question may arise, ‘does Vaseline help grow eyelashes?’

Does Vaseline Help Grow Eyelashes?

When it comes to boosting your eyelash hair growth, Vaseline is entirely powerless. It cannot make your lashes grow longer or faster juke any other petroleum product. However, it doesn’t mean you should get rid of the product.

There are several benefits to gain from using Vaseline as a moisturiser to boost eyelashes. Firstly, as a moisturiser, it makes the hair look damp and vibrant, boosting it more than before. Anyone who looks at you will undoubtedly imagine your eyelashes have suddenly grown longer; hence, the notion.

Its application is simple, and it blends well with many other hair care products you may want to apply. With Vaseline, your chances of having eye reactions or irritations are low. A medical backup of the rub suggests it is safe for everyone.

Does Vaseline Cause Any Harm?

As earlier mentioned, Vaseline cannot harm the eyelashes in any way. Still, there are some disadvantages to applying Vaseline.

For one thing, Vaseline is exceptionally thick, and not everyone may find such friendly to their skin. People with allergies may have to stay away from it. 

Applying it to your lashes requires you to be extremely careful. It’s possible to have dirt trapped around your eyes with the Vaseline’s presence, eventually leading to eye infections.


So, you now have an answer to the question, ‘does Vaseline help grow eyelashes?’ While the rub is doing nothing special to the lashes, consider using it for its other beneficial uses.