Design: The Most Iconic Modernist Designs | TQS Magazine

For the fashion conscious homeowners amongst you, modernism is a key trend to be aware of. Minimalism, abstract art and modern art all played vital parts in architecture and furniture design – so owning a piece of modernist furniture from a retailer such as ARAM will bring some progressive chic to your home.

Wassily Chair

Designed by the esteemed Marcel Breuer in 1926 at the esteemed Bauhaus school in Germany, the Wassily (or Model B3) chair is a modernist classic.

It uses modern materials such as bent tubular steel and canvas and was one of the first to do so. The piece was inspired by cycling handlebars and makes for a tasteful yet striking addition to a home office or lounge space. It’s best placed in a room free of clutter to help boost the ‘no-frills’ ethos of the item.

Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chair is arguably the most iconic of all modernist items of furniture. It was invented by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, another Bauhaus exponent who was also responsible for the Brno chair.

Frequently glimpsed in professional office spaces and other classy establishments, the Barcelona chair epitomises comfort with its sweeping legs and cushioned surface.

Eileen Gray Side Table

Irish architect Eileen Gray produced some amazing pieces of simple brilliance when she turned her hand to furniture design. In 1927, she created the Eileen Gray side table. The side table is a perfect example of minimalism and modern design.

It’s perfect for a modern-themed bedroom, designed for housing hot drinks over your bed. Alternatively, it makes for a great living room addition to sit near your sofa.

Noguchi Table

A modern home looks incomplete without a focal point. There are few better choices than a coffee table in the centre of the room – and few better choices than the Noguchi table. Designed by Isamu Noguchi, it takes inspiration from natural shapes and forms.

Influenced by nature, the table perches effortlessly on smooth wooden legs and looks outstanding in the centre of your living room.

LC2 Armchair

No list of modernist design staples would be complete without the inclusion of Le Corbusier and his iconic LC2 armchair.

The Swiss-French architect was a key member of the movement and was a leading voice in the architecture side of ‘a house is a machine for living in’. His LC2 armchair is a perfect fusion of home comfort with modernist design, with tubular steel supports and thick cushioning.