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On June 20th Marvel are moving with the times with a wedding that has already stolen headlines. Rumoured for months the X-Man known, as Northstar (AKA Jean-Paul Beaubier) will be marrying his boyfriend in what is the publishers most high profile endorsement of LGBT rights. … Have you ever wanted to collect comics but are put off by that pesky continuity which has been built up for decades? Well have no fear gentle reader DC Comics has come to your rescue…. midnighter-kiss-again-1-7948887 In his second of a regular column, Dan Cole takes introduces us to The Authority. Winning a GLAAD award for its depiction of gay characters and presenting a new kind of superhero, DC Comics’ The Authority explores a team of superheroes that are more powerful than any of the world’s governments and decide to take matters of world security into their own hands…. double-thor-8312100 Thor may be doing well at the cinema but where did Marvel’s Norse hunk begin his adventures? Daniel Cole takes a look at Thor’s comic book past and recommends his favourite representations….