Boardwalk Empire: What you need to know | TQS Magazine

One of most prevalent shows on HBO UK, starring Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire has taken the nation by storm but what do you need to know if you’re coming to the party late? Our recap of the series so far:

Throughout the series, we have followed Nucky, better known as Enoch Thompson – Atlantic City’s prominent yet shady political figure.

Season three plays out on New Year’s Eve in 1922, just as the vibrant 20s are about to begin. Yet as the parties start, crime in the city is also heating up. Amidst everything, Nucky’s marriage has become a shambles and Gyp Rosetti is revealed as his new competition. At this point we are introduced to a new character – Rosetti, who is played by Bobby Cannavale. In an attempt to stop Nucky’s alcohol business in its tracks, Rosetti is shown to create a bulkhead between Atlantic City and New York.

We slowly see this battle unfold as the conflict between the pair begins to grow. This series we should expect to see a number of familiar faces, yet also a number of new faces.

In the last part of season three we watched the bodies mount up as Nucky and Gyp’s war advanced even further. We also saw Mayor Bader lose jurisdiction of the city, whilst refusing to reveal any information on the whereabouts of Nucky or his involvement in the events taking place.

We saw the city hit an all time low. The women have left and what little alcohol was left is rapidly drying up. We feel Masseria’s pain as he loses 12 of his men for what seems like no reason.

The finale episode relayed a lot. Masseria has gained control of the Ritz, Mickey’s warehouse and the casino, yet viewers must have felt his depression as he did so. He doesn’t have Nucky in sight, which left us all wondering ‘where is he?’ Of course later on in the episode, Nucky appears at the lumberyard asking Eli for advice. After a little encouragement from Eli, Nucky arranges a meeting with Arnold Rothstein.

Of course, a big shock was learning the termination of Margaret’s pregnancy. In the meanwhile, a deal between Nucky and Rothstein began to unfold. Rothstein was granted 99% ownership of Overholt Distillery in return for Masseria’s men to be removed from Atlantic City.

One of the biggest blowouts to progress was the seduction of Gyp by Gillian, which never quite materialised. Her plans of injecting him with heroin were quickly reversed.

Tommy misses death by a few inches, yet Harrow saves him at the very last moment, whilst Capone and Chalky’s forces come together. Meanwhile in Tabor Heights on a beach, Gyp is joined by Tonino and his two men – his last remaining two men to say the least. The ultimate finale sees Gyp stabbed to death by Tonino, who is then given orders from Nucky to send the body to Masseria. Whatever happens next is crucial and we all know this.

Nucky tries to reconcile with Margaret, which turns into a failed attempt and sees him alone in Atlantic City.

For those that have missed out on any episodes, visiting the official Boardwalk Empire site will allow you to catch up on all of the available past series.