Bazooka Budz | TQS Magazine

Remember Bazooka bubble gum? Well, it’s come a long way since we were kids. 

In a huge reboot to bring the brand into the 21st century, Bazooka bubble gum has gone all urban on our asses.  The company behind some of your childhood’s favourite sweets (Big Baby Pop, Juicy Drop Pop, Push Pop, Ring Pop and Mega Mouth Candy Spray to name a few) have teamed up with an infamous East London guerrilla artist for what the brand call “a gnarley match made in awesome heaven” they give birth to the new faces of the bazooka chewing gum brand Bazooka Budz

Bazooka Budz are a range of animated characters all designed by one of the hottest talents on the street art scene. All with their own personalities, Bazooka have really brought the artwork to life in their new app which lets you see the characters come to life in augmented reality. You collect Budz by finding them in hidden packs of Bazooka. Once found they can download the app and battle against friends where they can gain or lose their Budz (and perhaps a little pride)!

Basically, they’re like really cool Pokemon. Pokemon for the days of smartphones and tablets rather than Gameboys and trading cards. You still get the geeky collector’s buzz, but you battle your own friends on the world wide web. Oh how times have changed.

Watch the below video for more information and to see the app in action (including the really cool drum and bass track from Delta Heavy).

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