An exciting software upgrade for Galaxy Note, no really. | TQS Magazine

Earlier this week, Samsung Galaxy posted a video on their youTube channel about an exciting new software upgrade they are releasing:

Wait… exciting software upgrade?! Yes, really. The newest Galaxy Note is set to offer far more enhanced multimedia features than its predecessors as well as the quaintly named Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. What this means is that the Samsung Note will let you do some really rather nifty things; using the new ‘S pen’ you will be able to create and edit digital content differently and more intuitively than anything we have seen with Samsung before. The Note allows you to incorporate hand drawn images and hand written notes into other digital content, edit photos, use search functions more intuitively, instantly digitize tabular data and…perhaps the most importantly of all, using the Galaxy note means you can be even better at Draw Something.

Aside from this, the interface will be much more responsive and zippy (something which Android is often critisised for comparatively with Apple) and has been upgraded with a sharper look and feel and faster performance. Galaxay users will also be able to access an exclusive Galaxy Note level in Angry Birds along with a special package of 30 levels in ‘Danger Zone’. It is still unclear as to whether this level of functionality on a smart phone will overtake the ever increasing tablet population (a shift in consumer behaviour which I think Samsung are trying to offset with this new release) however moving to a more integrated approach of creating content on a Smartphone makes way for an interesting shift in how we will use our mobiles in the future and how we will engage, connect and keep in touch on the move.

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