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To be honest, I was so excited at the prospect of seeing Emily Blunt play a lezzy lady, I almost didn’t dare watch, for fear of my fragile little hopes being dashed…. Are some UK cities more gay-friendly than others? Amy seems to think so, from the ‘sweet’ Leeds to the ‘less-acommodating’ Glasgow, what is your home town like?… lesbian-date-1095132 A friend made an interesting comment to me this weekend. “Why is it that when you try and set a [queer] couple up, they assume the only reason you’ve tried is because you’ve found two people who are both gay?”… the-four-faced-liar-8282735 I wanted to love this film. Really, I did. Set in New York, twenty-something students, promises of complicated interpersonal dynamics, and a tagline saying ‘a comedy about drama’….