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Megan Washington, the founder of the band Washington started life rather differently than her debut album I Believe You Liar, with the release of two jazz EPs and performing in the band Old Man River. But it was after she started Washington that things really got going for the 25 year old going platinum in Australia, performing SXSW and signing for Mercury Records, Megan Washington is now ready to take on the UK and the rest of Europe.

I Believe You Liar is at times very bleak despite what the accompanying music may lead you to believe, the opening track 1997 has a very Tegan & Sara sound to it and even the lyrics are very like them but there’s a darkness Washington brings to the forefront that really hits you. However don’t go thinking that I Believe You Liar is going to be dark all the way through it, there’s a constant changing of tone that really helps you understand what a talent Megan Washington has.
Washington’s jazz roots are very much alive in one of the albums standout tracks Navy Blues, the track has a witty playfulness to it while portraying the loss of young love, something that will leave her being the envy of many singer/songwriters when this album is released on 7th November.

The loss of love is a huge player in this album the bitterness of Cement is a middle finger to the guy that ditched her when she was most vulnerable, it might well prove to be a huge hit is given the right chance, which can be said for a lot of the album. There’s something about Washington’s tone and the style of music that could lead her to having the same impact that Florence and the Machine have had upon the charts.

There is a confidence and swagger to Washington’s debut that you really feel throughout the album, it’s a rare thing for a debut album to be this accomplished sounding but Washington pulls it off. There’s little doubt of her talent as I Believe You Liar is one of the best and biggest surprises of the year; Megan Washington is clearly a smart girl whose passion and style within her song writing shows that she is going to be around for a while and could very well be the voice of 2012.


Words by Matthew Foran

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