Who Makes Cien Products For Lidl?

If you buy Cien skincare and haircare products from Lidl, you may wonder who makes Cien products for Lidl. Lidl, short for Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, is an international discount retailer chain of German origin. 

Cien products are a brand owned by the Lidl group. The products are manufactured in Germany and distributed across the Lidl supermarket chains across the UK and Europe. The products are formulated and packaged by a leading private manufacturer in Germany called Mann & Schröeder GmbH. And they provide packaging for brands like Cien, Lacura, and Aveo.

The Lidl chain operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the US. Lidl was formed in 1930 but ventured into the supermarket business in 1977. And the company manufactures private labelled items.

Cien Products

The Cien products are a range of products for bathroom and beauty routines. It is a brand of the Lidl group that offers cosmetics and toiletries for the whole family at affordable prices. Everything from hand wishes, bath soaps to deodorant and shaving creams. Cien line has a range of skincare essentials for your everyday needs.


Lidl just disclosed a new skincare line under its beauty brand, Cien. And it’s not just your regular body lotions and shower gels but actual anti-ageing creams, oils and serums that enhance your skin. With close similarities to La Prairie’s designer skincare line, this collection is pegged to be the essential range for beauty enthusiasts.

The collection features four products: day cream, eye mousse, serum, and night cream. And these offer maximum moisture levels, reduced sagging and overall increased glow. With the whole collection under £20, this line is very affordable.


Cien released their Professional haircare range, comprising four products: A shampoo, an intensive hair mask, conditioner, and a heat protection spray. Everything is under £10. The line offers the same benefits that other higher-priced products do. 

Who Makes Cien Products for Lidl?

Cien products are manufactured in Germany by Mann & Schröeder GmbH. Established in 1951, Mann & Schröeder is a manufacturer of hair and body care products for retail chains and drugstores. They produce aftershave care, personal care products, deodorants, antiperspirants, body washes, skincare products, shampoo, lip balms, etc.

Their skincare, baby, and haircare lines are under the brand names Vandini, Sanosan, and Numis Med. The company also offers product development for private labels for retail stores and drug stores. They are a major private manufacturer in the body care sector. They have worked with numerous brands like Cien, Lacura, Aveo, Natuderm Botanics, etc.


Cien is a brand owned by the Lidl group, a German retail chain of stores. The Cien brand promises to bring the feel of luxury into your everyday cosmetics and body are brand. Cien products are becoming popular in the UK and Europe for their effective formulas and affordable price tag.