Where Is Home And Away Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the long-standing Australian soap opera “Home and Away,” you might be curious where is Home and Away filmed.

Set in a fictional coastal town, the show’s filming takes place in various locations that breathe life into the drama of its characters.

Most of the outdoor scenes you’ve watched, with the sun glinting off the ocean and the characters sauntering along the sand, are shot at Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches district.

This picturesque location doubles as the fictional Summer Bay and has become synonymous with the show since its inception in 1988.

Visiting the actual filming locations can offer a delightful experience for any devoted viewer.

Palm Beach provides not only the opportunity to walk the same sands as your favorite characters but also to possibly catch a glimpse of the cast and crew in action on set.

Far from being a closed set, the beach is a regular public area where filming occurs.

Adjusting your visit to coincide with the filming schedule could even reward you with behind-the-scenes insights into how the show is brought to life.

While the show’s interior scenes are shot at a separate Redfern studio, which is not accessible to the public, there’s still much to see.

Tours are available that can take you to see the Surf Club, the Diner, and the iconic Alf’s Bait Shop among other familiar sites.

These tours enhance the Home and Away universe for fans, allowing you to immerse yourself in the physical space that feels so familiar through the screen.

So if you find yourself in Sydney, a visit to the quintessential Home and Away locations might just make your fan experience all the more tangible.

Where Is Home and Away Filmed?

Home and Away, the enduring Australian soap opera, captures the essence of coastal life with its iconic and scenic filming locations.

Your favorite Summer Bay moments are brought to life at several picturesque beaches and suburbs around Sydney.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the primary outdoor location for Home and Away.

Recognizable as the show’s fictitious Summer Bay, it is here that you can spot the famous Surf Club, diner, and beach scenes that are central to the series.


Just south of Palm Beach lies Avalon. Occasionally used for various outdoor scenes, Avalon adds to the beautiful backdrop with its vibrant beach and village atmosphere that complements the show’s setting.


Collaroy serves as another filming site, supporting Palm Beach in showcasing beach and coastal scenes.

This location helps to diversify the settings of the show, offering viewers a rich visual experience.

Dee Why

Lastly, Dee Why has also played a role in the backdrop of Home and Away.

With its long stretch of sandy beach and bustling promenade, it has provided the perfect spot for certain outdoor shoots away from the mainstay of Palm Beach.

Secondary Filming Sites

While the primary filming location for “Home and Away” is well-known, there are several secondary sites that add to the charm of the show.

You’ll find these spots peppered throughout the Northern Beaches of Sydney, bringing authenticity and variety to the backdrop of the beloved series.


Narrabeen serves as an occasional backdrop for “Home and Away.”

You might recognize the area for its scenic lakes, parklands, and nature reserves.

It provides a picturesque setting that complements the show’s aesthetic.

Mona Vale

Mona Vale is another spot you might spot on “Home and Away.”

From its beautiful beach to the tranquil Pittwater, this suburb offers diverse landscapes that are sometimes used to film the show’s more reflective or dramatic scenes.

Summer Bay House

The iconic Summer Bay House, though set in a fictional location, is brought to life by a real house located away from Palm Beach.

Whenever you see the characters engaging in domestic storylines away from the bustling town center, they’re often filmed in a residential area that portrays the Summer Bay House.

Iconic Establishments

When you explore the world of “Home and Away,” there are a few iconic establishments that truly capture the essence of Summer Bay.

Summer Bay Surf Club

Your visit to Summer Bay wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the famous Summer Bay Surf Club.

This central hub is a prominent part of the show, where many plot lines unfold and characters interact.

Offering stunning beach views, it’s a fictional recreational cornerstone for the town’s community.

The Diner

The Diner is another pivotal location, serving as the heart of Summer Bay where locals gather.

Whether you’re catching up on the town gossip or at the center of dramatic storylines, The Diner is where it all happens.

On the show, it’s not just a place to grab a bite but a setting for relationships to blossom and conflicts to arise.

Pier Diner

The Pier Diner, once notable for its position on the pier, has been home to various events in the show’s history.

Its setting provides a beautiful backdrop for the many scenes of friendly catch-ups and high-tension dramas alike. Its integral role in the series makes it a spot you’ll want to remember.

Filming Process

Engaging in the filming process of “Home and Away” allows you to witness how a bustling set transforms a real-life location into the iconic Summer Bay.

Location Setup

When you step onto the set at Palm Beach, Sydney, you’re entering the fictional world of Summer Bay.

The production crew meticulously dresses this location to fit the aesthetic of “Home and Away,” with every sign, storefront, and beach setup serving the storyline.

  • Signage: Temporary signs are placed to create the Summer Bay feel.
  • Props: Strategic placement of props ensures authenticity in every frame.

Shooting Schedule

Your experience of the shooting schedule depends on the day’s requirements, which are usually dictated by the script and scene complexity.

  • Daytime Scenes: Typically filmed during daylight hours to make use of natural light.
  • Nighttime Scenes: Scheduled after sundown, often requiring artificial lighting to set the mood.

Crew and Equipment

Behind the scenes, a dedicated crew maneuvers a variety of equipment to capture the magic of “Home and Away.”

  • Camera Crews: They capture the drama, employing both steady and handheld cameras.
  • Sound and Lighting: Crucial for creating the scene’s ambiance, they’re constantly adjusted to match the environmental conditions.

Fan Visitation

If you’re a fan of Home and Away, visiting the iconic filming locations can be an exciting experience.

Palm Beach in Sydney is the real-life setting for the fictional town of Summer Bay, where much of the outdoor filming takes place.

Your visit to Palm Beach might coincide with actual filming days, particularly on Tuesdays when filming is very likely.

On Sundays, there’s a special treat: the Meet an Actor tour, giving you the chance to meet one of the cast members.

Here’s what you can expect on the tour:

  • Duration: Approximately 5 hours
  • Departure: Leaves at 10:30am from The Rocks, Sydney


  • Child: $67.50 (AUD) / ~£38.50 (GBP)
  • Infants: Free of charge

The tour will take you to various set locations like the Summer Bay Surf Club and the houses often shown on the series.

While walking around Summer Bay, keep your eyes open—you might just see the cast!

Remember, while the park dedicated to Home and Away has areas for filming, it is still a functioning space, so it’s possible to see the production in action, from stars to the technical hardware that brings the show to life.

Set Tours and Location Events

If you’re a fan of Home and Away, there’s good news!

You have the option to walk in the footsteps of your favorite characters through various set tours and location events.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tour Options:

  • Filming Very Likely Tour: Conducted on Tuesdays, this tour gives you a chance to possibly see the filming in action at Palm Beach, known as Summer Bay on the show.
  • Meet an Actor Tour: Available on Sundays, this special tour offers an opportunity to meet a cast member, enhancing your visit to the iconic Summer Bay.

Location Highlights:

  • Summer Bay Surf Club: A central part of the show, and it’s included in the tour.
  • Summer Bay Houses: Get a glimpse of where the characters ‘live’.
Approx $135 (AUD)Tours typically depart at 10:30 AM
Approx £77 (GBP)Length: Around 5 hours

Please note that while the outdoor sets at Palm Beach are accessible to the public, the studio in Redfern is not open for tours.

To enhance your experience, it is advisable to book these tours in advance as they can fill up quickly, especially during peak times when the show’s following convenes.

Remember to bring your camera and keep an eye out—you never know who you might run into!

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations: Home and Away is predominantly filmed in Palm Beach, Sydney.
    • This provides the backdrop for the fictional town of Summer Bay.
    • Some shooting also takes place in Redfern.
  • Recognizable Spots: When you visit Palm Beach, you can identify several locations used in the show.
    • These include the beach, the headland, and the distinctive rock pool.
  • Duration and Popularity: The show has been filmed in these locations since its inception in 1988.
    • This underscores the enduring appeal of the New South Wales coast’s beauty and the show’s significant following.
  • Tour Opportunities: For fans, taking a location tour offers a chance to see key sights firsthand.
    • You can also learn more about the show’s history and its filming process.