Where Is Hollyoaks Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the British soap opera and curious where is Hollyoaks filmed, you are not alone.

The show is set in a fictitious suburb of Chester. However, the actual filming takes place in a studio near Liverpool.

Specifically, the filming occurs at Lime Pictures Studios in the Childwall area.

You can’t wander into Hollyoaks village as you would with Chester, since the locations you see on TV are part of a purpose-built set designed to bring the show to life.

While the hustle and bustle of the characters’ lives seem embedded in Chester’s charming setting, the cast and crew work their magic in Liverpool to create the show’s signature blend of suspense and drama.

Where Is Hollyoaks Filmed?

Hollyoaks invites you into a dramatic world in the leafy suburb of Chester, yet you might be surprised to learn that its actual filming locations are in Liverpool.

Here’s your inside look at the sets where all the action happens.

Outdoor Sets

Your favorite outdoor scenes from Hollyoaks come to life at a purpose-built village set, specifically designed for the show.

This village is located within the studios situated at Childwall, Liverpool.

The show is set in Chester, but these custom sets allow for precise control of the environment and continuity between scenes.

Indoor Sets

When your favorite characters step inside, they’re moving through carefully crafted indoor sets located in Childwall Suburb studios of Liverpool.

Lime Pictures Studio is the hub for these indoor scenes, providing a versatile space that adapts to the diverse storylines, from the cozy homes to bustling public spots like The Dog in the Pond pub.

Production History

Your journey through the filming locations of “Hollyoaks” reveals a show deeply rooted in one region but with a production story that has evolved over time.

Original Locations

“Hollyoaks” initially set its sights on portraying life in a suburb of Chester.

The early episodes honored this setting by filming in locations meant to mirror the Chester environment.

This created an authentic feel for the show, connecting you to the fictional world that was closely linked to this historic city in Northwest England.

Relocation and Expansion

As “Hollyoaks” grew in popularity, the show’s production expanded, necessitating a dedicated space for filming.

The creation of a purpose-built village occurred in Childwall, Liverpool, at Lime Pictures studios.

Your favorite scenes from Chester’s suburb henceforth came to life at this Liverpool location, allowing for a controlled environment that better suited the expanding canvas of “Hollyoaks.”

Visiting The Set

If you’re a fan of Hollyoaks, you might be curious about stepping into the world of your favorite characters. Below, we dive into the possibilities of visiting the set.

Public Tours

Unfortunately, as Hollyoaks is filmed on a closed set near Liverpool, public tours are not offered.

The studios where the show is filmed are working sets, and to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the show, outside visitors are typically not allowed.

Special Events

Occasionally, the show might open its doors for charity events or other special occasions, allowing fans to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

It’s best to keep an eye on Hollyoaks’ official social media channels for any announcements regarding these rare opportunities.

Behind the Scenes

Exploring the behind-the-scenes elements of “Hollyoaks”, you’ll peek at the diligent efforts in set design and the methodical filming process that bring the show to life.

Set Design

Your favorite scenes in “Hollyoaks” are brought to life with detailed set designs that mirror the suburban life in Chester.

The show, filmed near Liverpool, is meticulous in creating realistic and vibrant sets within their studios to captivate you with their authenticity.

Filming Process

The filming process of “Hollyoaks” is a complex dance between on-set action and in-studio precision.

Scenes are typically filmed at their studios, with a few outdoor shoots to add diversity and realism to your viewing experience.

Every scene you witness goes through rigorous planning and rehearsing, ensuring that what makes it on screen is dramatic yet credible.

Impact On Local Area

You might find that the presence of the Hollyoaks filming crew in Liverpool has tangible effects on the local community.

The areas surrounding the Lime Pictures Studios and other filming locations can experience a flurry of activity on shooting days.

  • Economic Stimulus: Local businesses often benefit from the cast and crew patronizing restaurants, shops, and hotels.
    • This can lead to an increase in local employment opportunities.
  • Tourism Boost: Hollyoaks enthusiasts may visit the area to catch a glimpse of the filming process or explore the locations where their favorite show is shot.
  • Traffic and Congestion: At times, filming can cause temporary traffic disruptions.
    • However, the production crew typically works with local authorities to minimize inconvenience to residents.
  • Community Engagement: The production sometimes involves local extras or services, which helps foster a sense of community involvement.

Key Takeaways

  • Location of Filming: Your favorite soap, Hollyoaks, is not actually filmed in the Chester suburb it depicts.
    • Instead, the magic happens in a studio near Liverpool.
  • Access for Visitors: While the village of Hollyoaks is fictional, the real-life studio site is not typically open for public tours.
    • It’s a working set where the day-to-day production of the show takes place.

  • Studio Name: The filming occurs at Lime Pictures studio, specifically in the Childwall suburb of Liverpool.
  • On-Location Filming: Occasionally, external scenes are shot outside of the studios, but this is not common.

Here’s how these points break down:

Filming FactDetail
Real Filming SiteLime Pictures studio, near Liverpool
Fictional SettingChester suburb (Hollyoaks Village)
Public ToursNot typically available
Occasional Outdoor FilmingHappens rarely, outside the Lime Pictures studio


  • If you’re looking to visit the set of Hollyoaks, it might be tough due to its active use for filming and the fact that it’s not a tourist site.
  • Keep an eye out for any special events or open days, as those might be your golden ticket to seeing where Hollyoaks comes to life.
  • To experience the setting where the characters’ stories unfold, your best bet is to watch the show and enjoy the on-screen depiction of Chester’s leafy suburbs.