Where Is Bloodlands Filmed?

If you are curious where is Bloodlands filmed, this article is for you.

Bloodlands, the gripping BBC drama, is a captivating viewing experience.

The scenery itself becomes a silent narrative.

If you’ve found yourself hooked by the show’s intense plot, you might be wondering about the real-life settings that backdrop the high-stakes drama.

The series takes you to Northern Ireland, where the majority of the filming unfolds.

From the tense moments unraveling in the Strangford Lough to the urban scenes set in Belfast, these locations not only provide stunning visuals but also imbue the show with an authentic atmosphere that’s hard to replicate on a set.

Whether it’s a serene waterfront or the bustling city streets, each site is steeped in history that enriches the storytelling.

Knowing where Bloodlands is filmed, you can appreciate how the real-world locations contribute to the series’ authenticity.

Northern Ireland, with its complex history and beautiful landscapes, plays a pivotal role in bringing the drama’s chilling narrative to life.

The choice of filming locations also serves as a subtle tribute to the cultural heritage of the region, drawing viewers deeper into the story’s emotional landscape.

Where Is Bloodlands Filmed?

Bloodlands, the gripping BBC drama, showcases Northern Ireland’s beauty and history through its filming locations.

Experience the sights where the intense storyline unfolds.

Northern Ireland Landscapes

Northern Ireland’s scenic vistas play a significant role in Bloodlands, providing the backdrop for much of the show’s drama.

The Mourne Mountains offer rugged terrain that contributes to the series’ atmosphere, while other rural areas add to the visually stunning landscapes seen on screen.

Belfast Region

The production also takes advantage of various urban settings within the Belfast Region.

Queen’s University Belfast and certain campuses of Belfast Metropolitan College have been used as key filming locations, situating the series in recognizable and iconic urban backdrops that lend authenticity to the narrative.

Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough emerges as one of the pivotal locations in Bloodlands.

It’s here, on this island-dotted inlet, that pivotal scenes are set, including the discovery of the bodies of Goliath’s victims, which are central to the show’s plot.

This location intertwines with the storyline, offering both beauty and a haunting setting for the series’ dark themes.

Production Details

In exploring the making of Bloodlands, you’ll find that established production companies and broadcast networks played pivotal roles in bringing the series to life.

Production Companies

  • HTM Television: Jed Mercurio, the creative behind other notable series such as Line of Duty and Bodyguard, co-owns HTM Television, the company that produced Bloodlands.
  • BBC One: As the primary production company, HTM Television collaborated closely with the next key player, the broadcast network for the series.

Broadcast Networks

  • BBC One: The series was first aired on BBC One, bringing intense drama to audiences across the United Kingdom.
  • Acorn TV: For viewers in the United States, Acorn TV secured the rights to stream Bloodlands, ensuring that the show reached an international audience.

Impact On Tourism

The BBC drama Bloodlands has put Northern Ireland in the spotlight, showcasing the region’s stark beauty and intriguing history.

You might be keen to explore the filming locations firsthand.

Strangford Lough plays a central role, with its picturesque islands creating a scenic backdrop for the show.

The lough is a natural haven that Bloodlands has transformed from a tranquil retreat into a point of intrigue for visitors like yourself.

It’s not just a place of natural beauty; now, it’s also a canvas for mystery and drama.

Tourism experts anticipate a surge in visitors, drawing parallels with the “Game of Thrones Effect” which significantly boosted tourism in the area.

The local economy could see a positive impact as fans of the show flock to see the locations up close.

Bloodlands has filmed in various parts of Northern Ireland, including around Queen’s University Belfast and the Mourne Mountains.

While the region has always had a wealth to offer, Bloodlands adds a fresh layer of interest for you to discover.

Before planning your trip, it’s worth noting that some locations used in the series might be off-limits to prevent overcrowding, echoing concerns that followed the Game of Thrones fame.

So, while you may be excited to see where Bloodlands came to life, respect any restrictions to protect and preserve these wonderful spots for future visitors and residents alike.

Connection To Local Culture

When you watch Bloodlands, you’re not just seeing actors on screen; you’re witnessing a slice of Northern Ireland’s essence.

Strangford Lough and Belfast serve as not just backdrops but as characters that bring the drama to life.

Each location is chosen to reflect the heart of the narrative, deeply rooted in the local culture.

  • Strangford Lough – Here, the serene waters and quiet islands underscore the show’s tense atmosphere.
  • Belfast – The city’s streets and architecture offer a glimpse into the urban lifestyle and history.

The history interwoven into Bloodlands‘ plot is as authentic as the landscapes.

The series taps into the local culture by showcasing:

  • Landmarks: Queen’s University Belfast and Ballyclare streets are parts of the fabric of Northern Ireland, instantly recognizable to locals.
  • History: References to Northern Ireland’s past are elegantly integrated, providing a textured historical backdrop.

By filming in these real locations, the show honors the regional identity and brings an extra layer of realism to your viewing experience.

Through Bloodlands, you’re given a window into the complexities of Northern Ireland, its rugged beauty and its urban vibrancy, all while engaging with the country’s living history and culture.

Key Takeaways

Your interest in the filming locations of the BBC drama Bloodlands can lead you to a variety of intriguing and scenic places.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Northern Ireland: The primary setting for the series, offering both urban landscapes and rural beauty.
  • Strangford Lough: Many crucial scenes, including those involving the discovery of victims, were shot in this area.
Strangford LoughSite for important plot scenes.
BelfastThe city serves as a backdrop for much of the series’ action.
Mourne MountainsIncluded for its rugged landscapes, providing dramatic visuals.
BallyclareAdds to the urban elements of the show.
  • Filming Times: Season 1 filming began in early 2020. The winter season added to the series’ atmosphere.
  • Cultural Context: Northern Ireland’s complex history intertwines with the storyline, making the locations culturally significant.