8 Places To Be Visited In Bangalore City

Bangalore city is the capital of Karnataka and is very famous across the globe as a hub of the IT sector.

In addition to this, it is also very important to note that this is a very popular tourist destination as well because this Metropolitan city provides people with scenic and lush green spaces due to which it has earned a lot of fame by the name of garden city. 

Among the best possible things to be witnessed in the city of Bangalore, the following are some of the best places that you should plan to visit and you should consider your room booking at Conrad hotel Bangalore to have the best experience and explore the city like a pro:

1. Cubbon Park

This is the breath of fresh air into the bustling city of Bangalore and this is a 300-acre park that is one of the most important tourist destinations in the city.

It very well provides people with the optimum combination of greenery with tranquillity and this is a great option for a fun outing with family and friends. 

This is a treasure of biodiversity with about 6000 trees and plants that eventually help in representing more than a hundred varieties. 

This place also has the second largest aquarium in India which makes it worth visiting.

2. Ulsoor Lake

This place is perfectly spread across 50 acres of land and is a piece of heaven in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Boating is the major attraction over here and this place comes with a scenic setting that is very well covered by a good number of picturesque islands that make it worth visiting. 

People can easily go for spend some of the time sitting and watching the sunrise and sunset over here and apart from this there is a clean walking path that surrounds the lake making it perfect for the early morning or evening walk.

3. Innovative Film City

This place is very well with the entertainment extravaganza and is one of the most important places to be covered in the city of Bangalore. 

This includes further settings including the dinosaur park, aqua kingdom, cartoon city, haunted mansion, and other associated areas that you need to visit.

The best part is that this is a theme that will keep you and your children covered up for the entire day and you can simply indulge in the shopping, working, and exploring the entire place to have the experience of childhood once again. 

This place also has production studios, restaurants, and museums which makes it the perfect place to visit with family members.

4. Visiting The Iconic Brigade Road

This is perfectly bustling with people all around and walking through this place is definitely worth visiting because this is a very happening lane in which you can easily go to enjoy the window shopping as an experience in itself. 

The roads are perfectly lit up over here and, in the evening, it is the perfect spot to indulge in the shopping up to the best of the content of your heart.

This is a very long stretch of standalone shops and individual retailers that this case will be selling branded and locally handmade products.

Visiting this place to indulge in the perfect element of shopping is a great idea for individual individuals.

5. Phoenix Mall

If you are very much interested in going deeper into organized urban shopping then planning a visit to the mall is a great idea so that you can shop and hang out very successfully. 

This place is situated in Kurla and is spread across a very large square foot of the retail area. 

This place comes with more than 600 international and international stores more than a hundred restaurants and PVR Cinemas which has 15 screens. 

This mall is filled with hundreds of branded stores and restaurants along with a very well-maintained posh food court. 

The playing area of the children is also a very open space over here and an additional attraction which makes it one of the convenient places to visit with the family.

6. Commercial Street

This particular place is basically a dream come true for any shopper who is interested to go for shopping and budget. 

This is a buzzing street that is only a short drive from the famous MG Road and provides people with easy access to trendy clothes and accessories at very low rat

For the fabric and cotton and other associated things, you can easily go shopping over here and in addition to this, you can also go shopping for silver jewelry because this market has an extensive collection of exclusive pieces of jewelry which makes it one of the trustworthy places to go for shopping.

Apart from this, you can enjoy a good number of restaurants present over here which offer regional and international cuisine without any problem.

7. Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Another very iconic place that you need to cover in the city of Bangalore is the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium because this is a very iconic and amazing place that includes a sky theatre. 

This place will be organizing the skygazing program on the first Sunday of every month and it also hosts a good number of exhibitions over here. 

Exhibitions are also very well collaborated with these posters, small video clips, and running message boards about astrological facts so that you can improve your overall knowledge very successfully.

8. Government Museum

This place has been operational since 1865 and is counted as one of the oldest possible museums in the country. 

This place is not only successful in attracting people due to its historical perspective but it also comes with an amazing collection of archaeological and geological artifacts like coins, inscriptions, and jewelry. 

So, planning a visit to this place is definitely worth it if you are interested in going deep into the history and beauties simultaneously. 

With the above-mentioned places and attractions to explore in the city, you can even go for some of the weekend destination destinations like Ooty, Coorg, or any other kind of related places.

So, staying at Conrad Hotel Bangalore is definitely worth it so that you can have easy access to the places mentioned above and eventually have an amazing trip.