How to Stop Concealer from Creasing?

Have you ever dealt with unwanted creases from concealer and want to know how to stop concealer from creasing? When you leave home, your skin looks gorgeous, but when you look in the mirror later, you notice something you dread: creasing. So how can you stop concealer from creasing?

You can prevent your concealer from creasing throughout the day with a small quantity of translucent powder applied to the face. You can apply it with a fluffy powder brush. It’s best to let your concealer settle into your creases for a few minutes before setting it with powder. By doing so, you can avoid creasing concealer.

What Can You Do to Prevent Concealer Creasing Under Your Eyes?

You are most likely to see concealer creasing around your eyes. It’s essential to use a primer under your eyes so that concealer won’t settle into the crevasses. As an eye cream absorbs easily into your skin, it can also serve as a primer. 

Let your skin soak up the product for a few moments before using concealer. However, you can wipe away excess product with a tissue or blotting paper in a hurry.

Conceal the area around your eyes with a liquid concealer once your skin has dried. The under-eye area is prone to crease with the stick or cream concealers. 

Make sure you don’t apply concealer too near your lashes. Blend it up to your lash line to avoid using too much concealer instead.

To achieve a flawless finish, dampen a makeup sponge. Use your fingertip as well, but be careful not to apply too much pressure because it could damage the skin.

How To Avoid Creasing: Extra Tips & Tricks

It is possible to prevent creasing in several ways. Take a look at a few more tips next time you apply makeup.

Consider Mattifying Toner

Apply a mattifying toner before priming your skin. The toner helps your concealer stay on longer and smoother.

By toning the skin, you remove excess oil that can cause concealer to slide around the creases. So, before applying your moisturizer and primer, use a toner after cleansing your face.

Remove Any Excess

If you want to blot other areas on your face where you suffer from creases, you can also do this when applying concealer to under-eyes.

After applying your concealer, gently pat the area with blotting paper or tissue. The makeup lasts longer without creasing by removing excess product and leaving only the pigment behind.

Apply Concealer Slowly

When applying concealer, keep the less-is-more approach in mind. You will have many products left on your face if you start with a thick layer of concealer. 

Build up the coverage layer by layer until you reach the desired level. This method will prevent you from applying too much concealer and cause crazing and caking.

Tips To Avoid Concealer Sitting in Fine Lines

Let’s talk about how to prevent concealer from sitting in fine lines.

Placing Your Concealer Strategically

The key to good makeup, in general, is learning to distinguish between too much and too little product. 

The amount of concealer you use should be just enough to conceal the imperfection, but not so much that you look cake-like. Build up the coverage of the concealer slowly until you cover the imperfections.

Wear a Lightweight Concealer

How much your concealer creases on your face depends on its formulation. The more flexible a dry concealer is, the less likely it will crease because it can adhere to fine lines. You won’t get as much concealer in your creases when using a lightweight concealer.

Using the Correct Tools

Applying your concealer with the right tools will also keep it from creasing. Place your concealer only where you need it using a small synthetic brush. Next, pat the place where you placed it with a wet makeup sponge or even your finger. 

This technique covers the area effectively and blends it out, yet there isn’t much product to sink into the creases.


Your concealer will not crease if you do a couple of things. The first step is to ensure you use the correct formulation where it’s needed. Under your eyes, you should avoid using a dry concealer. 

It would be best if you used a hydrating liquid concealer. Be sure to build up your coverage slowly, rather than using a lot of concealers at once. When you apply it this way, the product will not end up in your fine lines.

Then, use a translucent powder or setting spray to set your face and wipe away any excess concealer. Using this step, you ensure everything is where you want it to be.