How Much Do The Queen’s Guards Get Paid?

Have you ever wondered how much the Queen’s Guard is paid? We have the answer. We all notice the fur hat, red coat, the still standing, and the serious facial expression. The Queen Guard is regarded as an essential part of British culture and history. However, most of us are unaware of how much the Queen’s Guards are paid.

Soldiers in the Queen Guard get paid between £19,720 to £20,400 per year. The starting salary varies depending on the rank, regiment, location, and years of service. In addition, soldiers gain valuable experience and valuable skills in the Queen’s Guard, which are recognized by the British Army. These are skills they can use to advance their careers and earn more. 

The Queen’s Guard is a special British army unit divided into five Regiments. Their red coats and stiff posture in front of Buckingham Palace are the most noticeable features.

Whether you want to join the Queen’s Guard or are just curious, it is crucial to know how much they make. This article will look at how much the Queen Guards are paid. We’ll also look at how to become a Queen’s Guard and what their job entails.

How to Become a Queen’s Guards?

It’s a physically demanding job that requires a wide range of skills and experience. The Queen Guard works for 24 to 48 hours a day, with 6 to 8 hours of sentry duty followed by 4 hours off. However, the job is also gratifying.

Because the Queen Guard is a British Army unit, it requires exceptional self-discipline, teamwork, and brute fitness. Although the duties are less strenuous than those of a combat soldier, the Queen’s Guard is held to a high standard. They spend a lot of time standing still, and the uniform is very heavy and difficult to wear, so you must be in good shape.

You must have excellent communication and leadership skills besides the physical requirements. As a member of the Queen’s Guard, you must lead and communicate effectively with others.

Aside from the skills requirements, you must also pass a series of British Army Recruit Battery tests. The test results will determine whether you are eligible to join the Queen Guard. You can also find out how to join to British Army by visiting their website. 

Although the job is geared toward male soldiers, the Queen’s Guard is seeing an increase in female recruits. This means the Queen’s Guard is inclusive and everyone qualified is welcome to join. 

After you pass the test, you’ll begin training. Small army stations are used for training across the country. Although you will be stationed in front of Buckingham Palace, you must undergo combat soldier training.

What Does the Queen’s Guard Do?

One of the most prestigious and rewarding jobs in the British Army is the Queen’s Guard. They have operational responsibilities besides standing sentry in front of Buckingham Palace. 

However, protecting the royal residents and marching are their primary responsibilities. The marching is a popular tourist attraction, with tens of thousands of people gathering to watch from the gates of Buckingham Palace.

A typical Queen’s Guard working day entails being on duty for 6-8 hours. Queen Guards are required to stand sentry in every weather, including rain. However, there is some exception, such as heavy storm and snow. 

Additionally, they are required to patrol the Buckingham Palace premises. They also protect the royal monuments. At the end of each shift, they switch shifts to allow for rest and recovery.

Although the duty is seen as a symbolic tourist attraction, the Queen’s Guard members are still combat soldiers. They carry symbolic weapons, but they can also be armed with live weapons during a period of peak security alerts.

How Much Do the Queen’s Guards Get Paid

When you see the Queen Guards standing in front of Buckingham Palace, you may wonder, “how much do the Queen’s Guards get paid?”

According to the British Army, a Queens Guard’s average salary ranges from £19,720 to £20,400. However, this is based on a British soldier’s average pay rate, not a Queen Guard’s exact salary. Typically, a salary comprises several aspects that add to the total salary. The basic pay is included in the starting salary, but benefits are not included. This, of course, differs and depends on other factors. 

On top of the salary, the British Army offers a variety of other benefits and pay structures. The British Army provides its soldiers with various benefits, including living allowances, retirement benefits, and other perks.

Several factors determine how much a Queen’s Guard gets paid. This includes factors such as rank, specialization, years of experience, location, and more. However, the higher your rank, the more money you will earn.

Additionally, you can earn a basic salary while undergoing combat training. The basic salary is based on the average pay for all British military branches. The rank and years of exceptional service also play a role.

The Bottom Line 

A career as a Queen’s Guard is rewarding in general, although it can be demanding at times. You can be assigned to the role of a Queen’s Guard if you meet the skill requirements and complete the training.

Finally, being a Queen’s Guard comes with a good salary, specialized experience, and numerous other benefits.