How to Measure Ring Size at Home 

You’ll need to know how to measure ring size at home if you want to ascertain the measurement yourself. The UK ring chart available online is somewhat confusing, and you may not find your way around it. So how do you measure ring size from the comfort of home if you wish to order a ring?

Using a string, wrap the finger you want to wear the ring on, making sure it’s the perfect fit for a ring. Mark the point where the string closes around your finger. Take a ruler and measure the string from the beginning to the marked point in millimetres. You can then use this circumference to check your size in the ring chart. 

Keep reading to learn more about measuring ring size at home without making mistakes. 

The Benefits of Measuring Ring Size at Home 

In the old ways, you had to know your ring size by testing the ring. Though it remains the best way to get your size, it’s not necessary anymore. You don’t have to go to the ring shop to try out different rings to see what fits. 

Now from the comfort of your home, you can measure your ring size and order your ring online. You’ll have the confidence of facing no problems with an oversized ring. Don’t forget – everything you need is already present with you. 

How to Measure Ring Size at Home

To measure your ring size at home, follow the simple steps below:

1. Get What You’ll Need

You will need a string, a ruler, and a pen. Also, download a ring chart online to guide you in finishing up. 

2. Measure Your Finger

Wrap the string around the finger you want to wear the ring on, ensuring it’s not too tight. Once you’ve got a fitting that best suits you without causing discomfort, mark the point with the pen. Now measure the marked length that went around your fingers in millimetres and refer to the ring size chart.


It’s easy to measure your ring size even from the comfort of your home. Now, you can skip the old ways and easily order a ring even when it’s an emergency.