How To Buy TV Stands UK: Expert Tips and Considerations

The television remains a focal point of our living spaces, a place to unwind, catch up on shows, and connect with entertainment.

But a TV on its own feels incomplete. That’s where the perfect TV stand comes in, not just providing a sturdy platform for your screen but also enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your room.

Finding the ideal TV stands UK market can feel overwhelming with countless options available.

But worry not! This comprehensive guide will equip you with expert tips and considerations to ensure you choose the TV stand that elevates your viewing experience.

Finding The Right Size TV Stand

Measure Twice, Buy Once: Before diving into designs, the first crucial step is measuring both your TV and your designated space.

  • TV Size: Check your TV’s manual or specifications online for its width (diagonally) and base measurements. Ideally, the stand should be wider than the TV itself for stability and aesthetics. A good rule of thumb is to add at least 2-3 inches on each side for TVs under 55 inches, and 4-6 inches for larger screens.
  • Space Constraints: Measure the available space in your room for the TV stand. Consider how much walking clearance you need and ensure the stand won’t obstruct doorways or furniture flow.
  • Weight Capacity Matters: TVs can be surprisingly heavy, especially larger models. Always check the weight capacity of the TV stand UK you’re considering to ensure it can safely support your specific TV.
  • Height for Optimal Viewing: Comfort is key! The ideal height depends on your seating arrangement. Generally, the centre of the TV screen should be at eye level when you’re seated. Measure the height from the floor to your eye level while sitting on your sofa to determine the ideal stand height.

Material and Style

Material Matters: TV stands come in a variety of materials, each with its own advantages:

  • Wood: A timeless and classic choice, wood offers durability, warmth, and blends seamlessly with most décor styles. Solid wood provides the most strength, while MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) is a more affordable option.
  • Glass: Offers a sleek, modern look and allows for a lighter feel in the room. However, glass can be prone to scratches and may not be ideal for homes with children or pets.
  • Metal: A popular choice for contemporary spaces, metal stands offer a sleek and sturdy build.
  • Mixed Materials: Many stands combine different materials like wood and metal for a unique and contemporary aesthetic.

Style it Up: Consider your existing décor and desired ambience when choosing a style.

  • Modern: Clean lines, geometric shapes, and a minimalist feel are hallmarks of modern TV stands. Metal, glass, or high-gloss wood finishes often complement this style.
  • Traditional: For a warm and inviting look, consider classic wood finishes with intricate details or carvings.
  • Mid-Century Modern: Channel a touch of retro flair with tapered legs, walnut or teak finishes, and a focus on functionality.
  • Scandinavian: Embrace a minimalist aesthetic with clean lines, light wood tones, and perhaps a touch of hygge with woven baskets or knitted throws.

Functionality Beyond Looks

  • Storage Solutions: A TV stand with drawers, shelves, or cabinets can help you manage clutter. Open shelves are great for displaying decorative items, while closed storage keeps media players, game consoles, or movies organized and hidden from view.
  • Cable Management: Tangled wires can ruin the visual appeal of your entertainment centre. Look for TV stands with built-in cable management solutions like cut-outs or channels to keep cords hidden and organized.

Additional Considerations

  • Think about viewing distance: The recommended viewing distance for HDTVs is 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen’s diagonal measurement. Consider this when choosing the size and placement of your TV stand.
  • Wall mounting vs. stand: While TV stands offer a complete entertainment solution, you might also consider wall mounting your TV, especially for smaller rooms or to save floor space.
  • Think long-term: While trends are fun, choose a TV stand that complements your existing décor and matches your long-term style preferences.
  • Safety First: Ensure the TV stand is sturdy and has a wide enough base to prevent tipping. If you have children or pets, consider anchoring the stand to the wall for added security.

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