The A-Z Guide To Designing Attractive And Eye-Catching Sticker Labels For Your Business

Having an attractive and eye-catching sticker label for your business is a great way to increase brand visibility, make a lasting impression on potential customers, and show off the unique qualities of your product or service.

Designing such labels can be tricky though – you need to consider everything from color schemes and themes to typefaces, graphics and formatting.

To help you out, here are the most important tips for creating professional custom labels that will stand out from the competition.

With these helpful tips in hand, you’ll have no trouble designing stickers that look great and do justice to your business.

Decide On A Color Scheme And Theme For Your Sticker Labels

The colour scheme and theme of your sticker labels should reflect the overall look and feel of your business.

Think about what colors you want to use, how they will look together, and if they match up with any existing branding or visuals.

If you’re not sure what color scheme or theme to go for, look for inspiration in your existing branding, logo and product packaging.

Choose A Typeface That Is Easy To Read And Looks Professional

No matter how eye-catching the design of your sticker labels is, they won’t be effective unless people can read them!

Pick a typeface that is easy to read and looks professional, and use a font size that can be seen from a distance.

You can check the legibility of your design yourself. Simply zoom out and look at it at scale on your screen.

Incorporate Graphics Or Images That Represent Your Business

Every business has its own unique story, products and services – so why not incorporate graphics or images into your sticker labels, such as logos, icons or illustrations representing your brand?

Graphics and images can help to make your sticker labels stand out from the rest. However, do not overdo it.

Simple labels with lots of white space are much more effective.

Make Sure Your Design Is Correctly Formatted

It’s important to make sure your design is correctly formatted before you print it out.

This means checking the placement and alignment of elements, as well as making sure the fonts are correctly sized and the colors are accurate.

If in doubt, hire a professional graphic designer who can advise on formatting.

Or, opt for the free option and have a look at this article about preparing your artwork for printing.

Use Contrasting Colors To Make Your Labels Stand Out

Using contrasting colours to make your labels stand out is one of the most effective ways to get noticed by potential customers.

Not only does it help to draw attention to your product, but it allows for a more creative approach when designing stickers.

Whether you choose bright, vivid colours that stand out against a neutral background or more muted tones that have an interesting texture, using colours to make your labels stand out is a great way to get noticed.

Pick a High-Quality Material To Let Your Brand Shine 

Your labels are your product’s business card. They can make or break a first impression.

So it is crucial to choose a material that not only represents your brand’s values and ideas, but looks and feels high-quality.

For maximum visibility, opt for a glossy or reflective material with durability against environmental elements such as rain and direct sunlight.

If you are unsure, ask you for material samples before placing an order.

Opt For The Right Size For Your Product Labels 

The perfect label size is dependent on your product or packaging.

If the label is too small, it won’t be visible from a distance and may not fit correctly onto your product or packaging.

On the other hand, labels that are too large can overwhelm the design of your product or fail to stick properly to its surface.

To find your perfect fit, consider the size of the area you want your sticker labels to cover as well as the amount of text, icons and designs your artwork includes. 

Research Your Printing Options

Do some research on the different types of printing available for product labels.

Consider factors such as cost, turnaround time, and the type of material you need your labels to be printed on.

There are several other factors that can affect the printing process including type of adhesive, finish, quality control measures and more. Ensure you’re informed about all these options before making any decisions.

Armed with this guide, you are more than prepared to create your own amazing sticker labels for your business. 

Wit the right design, materials and printing process in place, you can create high-quality stickers that will help you market your brand and products. Don’t forget to have fun with it too!