Common Issues and Solutions in Sash Window Restoration

Facing issues with your traditional sash windows? There are a number of common problems with sash windows but with the experience of a wooden window refurbishment expert, there are also plenty of solutions to help you address them.

Sash windows are a charming feature of many period homes up and down the country, and while this much wanted character is loved by owners – they are problematic when left without regular maintenance.

Without attention, sashes can become stuck, draughty and noisy. Luckily with the input of an expert, these common issues can soon be fixed.

Common Issues with Sash Windows

Traditional sash windows have been a regular site at properties throughout the UK for centuries, however, they can encounter several issues over time.

Stuck Sashes

Stiff sashes are very common in wooden window frames. The key to resolving this is to address the issue promptly and call a sash window repair expert to avoid further damage.

Paint build up, swollen wood and misalignment are likely the main cause of the sash being tricky to open and close.

Draughty Windows

Older sash windows are not energy efficient and provide very poor insulation. Gaps can result in dropping temperatures in your house and increased energy bills.

Finding effective solutions like upgrading the glass to improve the energy efficiency of your traditional sash windows is crucial to making your home more cosy.

Window Rattling

If you live in a town or city, or near a busy road, you may have experienced the frustration of rattling windows, especially at night! Traditional sash windows are susceptible to noise penetration due to their single-pane glass and loose joints

Rotting Wood

Decay and rot can compromise the structural integrity of wooden windows, affecting their functionality and aesthetics.

Checking your wooden frames on a regular basis can help pick up problems early and ensure your windows last for longer.


As older sash windows may have outdated locking mechanisms, they can pose a security risk. Criminals often target vulnerable windows that can be easily forced open, so updating your sash window locks to secure your home.

Regular Maintenance Reduces the Risk

Wooden frame sash windows require some TLC to keep them in nice condition. Treating rot, repainting and sealing gaps are all minimal tasks that will ensure they last longer.

However, any property with wooden windows is likely to require ongoing maintenance efforts to keep these original features looking on point.

Sash Window Issues FAQs

Are sash windows still suitable for modern houses?

Sash windows complement both traditional and modern architectural styles so in that sense it is a yes. Furthermore, with modern materials and designs, existing sash windows can be improved to bring them up to the standards required for energy efficiency.

Can I add double glazing to my sash windows?

Upgrading the glass in your traditional sash windows to double glazing is a great investment. New glazing will enhance insulation, reduce noise, and improve the energy rating of your home.

A professional sash window company can advise on the best types of glazing and if there are any issues such as if the property is grade II listed.

Is it possible to release a stuck window?

There are a lot of reasons why a sash may become stuck and they can be freed with the help of an expert.

It might be a case of removing excess paint, lubricating the tracks, or realigning the window frames. Once a fix is applied the sashes will once again operate smoothly and effortlessly.

Will upgrading my existing sash windows reduce my energy bills?

Upgrades such as adding draft excluders or installing secondary glazing will help you cut down on heat loss, stop draughts and assist in reducing the bills.

Wooden Window Restorations

Traditional wooden sash windows can cause many common problems that need attention, but if you love the character and look of them, it is well worth looking to keep them in pristine condition.

Fixing smaller issues early such as sticking sashes, draughts, noise problems, decay and poor security will mean you have nothing to worry about. If you have any concerns, consult with professionals for expert advice and they can run through the options available to you and provide insight on wooden window refurbishment.