Where To Sell Designer Clothes?

Nowadays, there is nothing more attractive than selling clothes online for sales. If you are looking to make money in a decent way to sell clothes, you are at the right place.

Selling designer clothes can be a lucrative business. And numerous online marketplaces attract decerning buyers looking for high-end luxury items at bargain prices. Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon are some of the more mainstream marketplaces to sell designer clothes. But smaller platforms such as Poshmark, The RealReal, ThredUp, Tradesy, Mercari, Reluxe, and Buffalo also offer lucrative opportunities.

This article will explore where to sell designer clothes. From eBay to Amazon, we’ll cover all e-commerce platforms. 

You are running a designer clothing website successfully, and everything is going smoothly. Suddenly, an attack comes to your site that could compromise your business. Where 

Now we are on the second section of the article in which you’ll know where to sell online clothes. We are sharing some famous platforms where you can sell designer clothes online.

1. Etsy

Go to Etsy’s community and sell your quality collection of vintage and hand-made styles. The fees incurred are much less. But Etsy takes a 3.5 % cut as a transaction fee and a further 3% to process the payment. With more than 1.7 million dealers on Etsy, there is plenty of opportunity.

2. e-Bay

e-Bay has created a clear pathway for vendors of all kinds. The benefit of selling your wears on e-Bay, is that you can take advantage of their bidding system. This could lead to greater profits in the designer clothing niche, Especially if we’re talking about pre-loved, high-end, vintage clothing that have now become collectors items.

3. Poshmark

Poshmark is a mobile-friendly shop where you can easily manage your collections and closets with at least five directories. Explore other storefronts like yours that are likely to have similar closets. And use this information to stand out amongst the clutter and create a striking impression. 

Poshmark includes a vast range of products and designer brands, so it’s essential to personalise your presence here.

4. The RealReal

Merchants on The RealReal platform get to take home up to 85% of the sale price. And valuable items will usually be put up for sale within three days. So, if in a rush to sell somthing and have a few designer pieces in your closet, this might be the platform for you. 

5. ThredUp

Selling is super-comfortable with ThredUp. The company sends an empty mail order bag for you to fill and place out for the mailman. Shipping is free, and they’ll deal with the rest. The price of this convenience means that merchants receive a lesser cut. Here, sellers can earn 80% of the resale price at most.

6. Tradesy

High-end, name brand handbags do exceptionally well on Tradesy. So, if you’re looking to sell both designer clothes and accessories, Tradesy might be the right fit for your designer clothes. 

Tradesy charges a flat payment fee of $7.50 for any item sold under $50. And they deduct 19.8% for anything sold over $50. In addition to designer clothes and handbags, you can sell everything from shoes to wedding dresses here. 

7. Mercari

The Mercari app lets sellers upload images of the designer clothes they wish to sell, along with a description. The listing creates is added to the marketplace where users can purchase what you have on offer. A fee of 10% is charged by Mercari for each item sold. Uploading and listing your product is uncomplicated and the app is easy to navigate.

8. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re spending a ton of time on Facebook, selling designer clothes on Facebook Marketplace makes sense. The beauty of using this marketplace is that there are no taxes or additional fees involved. And the nature of the platform us such that sharing your listing with your network is easy. You never know who might be interested in your pre-loved Jean-Paul Gaultier blouse.

9. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange takes trade-ins at their physical locations and provides a seamless sell-by-mail program. Upon request, a delivery bag will be sent your way, with postage paid upfront. This bag can hold up to 40 items of clothing. Buffalo Exchange features men’s and women’s designer clothing to buy, sell and trade.

10. Reluxe

Recognised as a leader in the fashion industry, Reluxe makes it easy for anyone to sell luxury goods. Their concierge service ensures customers receive precisely what has been photographed off-site without any hassle or trips between home and store location. 

This means faster sales and happier shoppers. So, existing customers know exactly where they’re going when browsing the site, and it encourages repeat business from first visitors.

11. Amazon

When starting out with Amazon, you’ll need to open a seller account. Amazon does a reasonably good job of walking you through the necessary steps to set up your Amazon store. But be sure to read all the fine print as you sign up and be thorough in following each step. 

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace and is likely the best place to sell designer clothes. Although some rules and regulations must be followed, this platform allows you to potentially reach millions of buyers online.


Perhaps you’re looking to start or grow your designer clothes business. In that case, it’s definitely worth considering selling on these online marketplaces. The key is to research and find the right platform for your products and then invest the time necessary to create an attractive and engaging shop page. 

With a well-thought-out marketing strategy, you can drive traffic and sales to your designer clothes shop and see significant profits in no time.