Where Is Hotel Portofino Filmed?

If you’ve been captivated by the lush scenery and dramatic backdrop of television series set in tropical islands, you may have wondered where is Hotel Portofino filmed.

The narrative, set in the 1920s, takes viewers back in time to the charming and elite world of a British family who own a hotel in the Italian Riviera.

The series is primarily filmed in the area that shares its name, Portofino, a beautiful fishing village known for its vibrant colored houses and crystal-clear waters along the Italian Riviera.

But the production also extends to the historic charm of Croatia.

Portofino, Italy, is a beautiful fishing village known for its vibrant colored houses and crystal-clear waters along the Italian Riviera.

The series also films in Croatia, using locations like Opatija, a coastal town famed for its Austro-Hungarian villas and verdant gardens, and Rovinj, a striking coastal city known for its narrow cobbled streets and town square.

Where Is Hotel Portofino Filmed?

Your fascination with the picturesque settings of “Hotel Portofino” can be sated by exploring the actual locations where this captivating series was filmed.

Main Filming Site

The title suggests an exclusive Italian backdrop; however, the primary filming location for “Hotel Portofino” is unexpectedly set in Croatia.

The areas of Opatija and Lovran in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, along with locations in Istria County, provide the stunning landscapes and architecture that convincingly double for the Italian scenery depicted in the series.

Supporting Filming Sites

While Croatia hosts the bulk of the production, the series also utilises Portofino, Italy, to capture the essence of the show’s namesake.

This Italian village adds an authentic touch with its unique appearance, enriching the series with genuine Portofino charm.

Further Croatian towns, such as Rovinj and the capital city of Zagreb, feature as well, offering diverse backdrops that range from historic institutes and museums to coastal promenades and opulent villas.

Production Insights

Set Design And Construction

In capturing the essence of the 1920s Italian Riviera, “Hotel Portofino” combines authentic locations with meticulous set design, all while navigating the challenges of filming.

Your journey into the world of “Hotel Portofino” is made immersive through its set design.

The production used Croatian locales to replicate the Italian landscapes, with a villa constructed in 1904 on the Lungomare promenade in Opatija transformed into the show’s central location.

This underscores a dedication to aesthetic authenticity, where the set design played a pivotal role in bringing the period drama to life.

  • Key locations such as Angiolina Park and the Opatija’s Small Harbour were included in the detailed set constructions.
  • Significant Italian-inspired settings provided the right visual context for the series’ backdrop.

Challenges And Solutions

Filming a period piece always presents unique challenges, particularly in matching historical accuracy with available locales.

While Portofino is the story’s heart, the production successfully identified Croatian sites that mirrored the Italian ambience.

  • The crew scouted Croatian landscapes to find the perfect match for Portofino’s iconic scenery, showing resourcefulness in location selection.
  • They also leveraged local architecture, including the historical villa on the Lungomare promenade, to double for Italian structures, thus overcoming geographical and logistical constraints.

Key Takeaways

  • Filming Locations:

    You can find the picturesque settings of Hotel Portofino primarily across Italy and Croatia.

    The series captures the essence of the Italian landscape, yet utilizes the Croatian scenery to a large extent.
  • Italian Scenes:

    Portofino, a famed Italian resort, lends its name and some locations to the show, providing authentic Italian vistas.

    This is where you would feel the true charm of Italy.
  • Croatian Diversity:

    A significant portion of the series was shot in Croatia.

    Places like Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and Istria County were selected for scenes that needed to mimic Italian aesthetics.
  • The Croatian town of Opatija, with its Angiolina Park and Lungomare Promenade, was a highlight, doubling effectively for Italian surroundings.

  • Historical Venues:

    Some interior shots were set in a villa from 1904 along Opatija’s Lungomare promenade.

    Additionally, Zagreb’s historic locations, such as the National Stateroom (HAZU) and the Croatian Institute of History, were also featured.
  • Unique Sites:

    Notable filming sites include the Portofino Lighthouse and Castello Brown.

    These locations add to the authentic feel and historic allure viewers experience while watching the series.