What HRT Does Davina McCall Use?

Since her public revelation, the internet has been abuzz regarding what HRT Davina McCall uses. McCall, a well-known television presenter in the UK, recently shared her journey through menopause. She has been able to manage her symptoms through the help of hormone replacement therapy.

Over the past 10 years, Davina has taken hormones transdermally during her morning routine through menopause. These hormones help balance her hormonal levels. Her HRT routine includes oestrogen supplements such as oestrogen patches, which she applies twice a week, and oestrogen gels applied daily. She also applies testosterone cream daily and has her progesterone boost from her Mirena coil.

What Is HRT?

HRT, short for Hormone Replacement Therapy, is a form of hormone therapy used to treat symptoms of female menopause. These symptoms can range from hot flashes, night sweats, accelerated skin ageing, bone loss and sexual dysfunction. 

The symptoms predominantly occur due to the sudden drop in sex hormones that occur during menopause. Hormonal medications used in HRT for menopausal symptoms are the naturally occurring hormones that the body stops producing during menopause; oestrogen and progesterone. 

It is like a cocktail of hormones used to replenish the steady declining levels associated with menopause. HRT can be administered through several routes such as orally, transdermally, topically or vaginally. The route depends on what is comfortable for the user.

What HRT Does Davina McCall Use?

Davina McCall incorporated her hormone replacement therapy into her morning routine. It involves putting on a set of hormone gels, creams, and patches. Davina’s HRT routine has been a big part of her morning routine for almost 10 years. 

The famous presenter shared a video on Instagram showing a detailed step-by-step display of applying her hormones. She wanted people to “see the warts and all” in her words. She hopes to demystify menopause and the effects of this period on women. She began her premenopausal journey at 44. 

Davina’s HRT Routine

Davina uses transdermal stickers for her hormones because they are a better way to take HRT than other routes.

1. Oestrogen patch twice a week

She makes use of Estradot, an HRT patch that releases oestradiol, which she applies to her hip.

2. Oestrogen gel daily

She applies an oestrogen transdermal gel to her arm to boost her oestrogen levels.

3. Testosterone cream daily

Davina also boosts her testosterone levels with a testosterone cream she rubs on her thigh. She says that she needs her testosterone levels to be where they should be. She reassures that it does not cause her to grow a penis or a large amount of hair like some people believe.

4. Progesterone

She gets her progesterone boost from the Mirena coil, so she doesn’t have to apply it transdermally.


Davina McCall has been so open about her menopausal journey and how HRT has been an essential part of it. She has chosen to demystify and quell myths surrounding the treatment.