Sponsored Video: How to Survive the Post-Star Wars Day Slump

This post is sponsored by Kinect Star Wars

May the 4th was on Friday, and, as has become customary, Star Wars was celebrated the world over by legions of committed fans. In the saga’s 35 year domination (on Earth, that is: obviously the Galactic Republic/Empire has millennia behind it) it has enlisted generations of dedicated followers to make sure the story lives on and its values are promoted in our Galaxy.

The weekend hosted a plethora of different tributes to the great works. Not content simply to pass 15 hours rewatching all 6 films, many fans have taken their devotion to a new level. Dressing up is a common theme (well Leia is so much more stylish than Earth girls), the best I’ve seen being two Stormtroopers casually taking a ride to the Louvre on the Paris metro. Toronto saw the second organised Star Wars celebration take place at its Underground Cinema, including a trivia game show and costume competition. For those lacking the air fare there was always the multitude of films, books, games and other material from the Expanded Universe with which to fill the day.

But, as with any momentous occasion, exuberance is replaced by emptiness once the festivities are done with. Thankfully, though, Kinect Star Wars knows exactly how to fill that abyss. Understanding that true fans could not go back to the day-to-day tedium of life on Earth, they’ve created a phone app to keep the Star Wars dream with you wherever you go. Bringing together Facebook and twitter feeds in the style of the iconic “crawl” opening title sequence, you never again have to leave the world of Star Wars at your DVD player: