How To Spruce Up Your Home In 2023

We spend a lot of time in our homes so it’s only natural that we want them to look their best and are willing to invest time, energy and money into home improvements.

However, major renovations aren’t always within everyone’s budget and can be incredibly disruptive to day-to-day life.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simpler ways you can spruce up your home in 2023.


You’d be amazed what a fresh lick of paint on the walls can do to transform the space.

When choosing colour schemes, consider what each room is used for and how you want the space to feel.

Is it a home office or study where you need to feel creative and motivated? Or a busy family kitchen that needs to feel warm and welcoming?

Some people shy away from bolder wall colours, believing that they’re too imposing but a clever use of bold colours can really elevate the look of a space.

Remember that less is more so rather than painting all four walls the same shade, choose one statement wall and use soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and rugs to add pops of colour in matching or complementary shades.

New Furniture

A change in furniture is another simple way to alter the look and feel of your home and again, this can be done on a piece-by-piece basis rather than a complete overhaul.

If you’re looking to replace tired standalone pieces of furniture, why not consider a fitted wardrobe to spruce up your bedroom as well as maximise storage?

If you’re on a tight budget, then you could try swapping your existing furniture into different rooms or look out for preloved furniture bargains to add to the mix.


The idea of decluttering can be daunting, particularly if you’ve lived in your home a long time and have accumulated more stuff! However, there’s no point in redecorating your home or buying new furniture if the improvements can’t be appreciated because of all the clutter.

Tackle one room – or even one area – at a time. Arm yourself with bags, boxes and sticky labels and work through each item methodically, considering whether it should stay, be donated to charity or thrown away.


Lighting can have a major impact on the overall feel of any room, particularly in the long winter months when we spend more time indoors and rely more on artificial lighting.

Switching up your lighting is a simple way of sprucing up your home and can be something as straightforward as adding a floor lamp or table lamps to a room that only has overhead lighting.

Layering your lighting like this gives you more options for lighting levels and can help you create different atmospheres in the same space.

New Doors

Changing your front door brings a touch of style to your home’s exterior and can boost your property’s kerb appeal.

UPVC is a practical, budget-friendly option that’s easy to maintain. Solid timber doors, on the other hand, come with a higher upfront investment but can add that wow factor as well as adding insulation to your entryway.

Choose a front door colour that will complement the other colours at the front of your property, whether it’s red brick or stone, for example, and don’t forget the little touches such as a door plate or numbers that complement the door.

Add Indoor Plants

Adding an indoor plant to your home decoration can provide a lot of benefits. It can make you feel closer to nature. They have substantial health benefits also including reducing stress and enhancing your cognitive health. 

Transform The Home Atmosphere With Fabrics 

Adding a new carpet, changing the curtains and upholstery are the quickest ways to transform and renovate the look of a room.

You can indulge your self in the world of fabrics and be inspired by nature, its nuances, and its patterns.

Put Up A Bookshelf

Bring a blank space to life and had a bookshelf. They don’t just have to contain books but can shelve trinkets, art, collectables, photos, or a combination of all the above.

Hang Up Some Wall Art

A bare wall works well for a minimalist approach. But it, can be a little bit dull for the rest of us.

Try hanging one big piece or put up a few small art pieces in an interesting way or go all out and make a gallery wall. You can be as creative as you want.