5 Fashion Video Ideas To Grow Your Brand

According to Wyzowl’s report on video marketing in 2023, videos are used by 91% of surveyed businesses.

Video content helps to attract new clients, increase brand awareness, boost sales, and reach many other goals.

And it can definitely help to grow your fashion brand! If you want to implement video marketing in your digital marketing strategy, keep reading.

Down below you will find 5 great fashion video ideas for growing your brand.

#1 Make Promo Videos

The first type of video that can help you to capture people’s attention and boost sales is a promo video.

It can be used to announce and promote new collections, as well as introduce your brand to a wider audience.

The key to making your video eye-catching is to be creative and focus on your target audience.

You need to think about what emotions you want to evoke in your audience, how to highlight the theme of your collection, etc. For inspiration, watch some promo videos of famous brands.

#2 Show How To Style Clothes

One of the best ways to convince people to buy your products is to show them how to use them.

It works for fashion brands too. You can make a video that shows how to make stylish outfits with clothes from your brand.

Such videos work amazingly for convincing people to buy your products.

The reason is they give people a better idea of what clothes look like in reality and help to understand how to combine them.

It is also helpful to add links to each piece of clothing in the description of your video, so people can easily find it on your website.

#3 Explain Fashion Mistakes And Give Styling Tips

Not many fashion brands make this type of video, as it seems to be more suitable for fashion bloggers.

But, it is still a good idea, especially if you actively promote your brand on social media platforms.

People like videos where fashion professionals explain styling mistakes and give recommendations on how to wear different types of clothing, what colors match the best, and other things.

You can create 1-minute videos for Instagram and TikTok, or make longer detailed videos for YouTube.

#4 Share Behind The Scenes Footage

There is always something behind the scenes that customers would like to see. The same as famous brands sharing backstage moments from fashion weeks, you can show your customers some behind-the-scenes content too. For example, show footage from your clothing production, share how you were creating your last collection, and who are the members of your team. It will help to build relationships with your customers and win their trust.

#5 Create Short Engaging Videos For Social Media

The last type of video content you can create to grow your brand is short videos for social media platforms.

Nowadays, almost all brands have a presence on one on several social media platforms like Instagram.

And posting short videos will help you to increase users’ engagement with your account and therefore increase a conversion rate.

Videos for social media can be of any kind. You can just make short creative promo videos, bring value with how-tos videos, do one of the viral challenges on TikTok, and many more. Everything depends on your creativity and goals.

Tips On Creating And Editing Fashion Videos

Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to create good videos and help to attract more customer’s attention:

Choose Simple Yet Powerful Software

To start making engaging videos you don’t need to be a professional.

Choose video editors with a wide range of editing tools and a simple interface and you won’t face any problems with editing videos.

For example, Clipchamp (for Windows and iOS), iMovie (for iOS), and Movavi (for iOS and Windows) are great for making fashion videos.

Don’t Make Long Videos For Social Media Platforms

When scrolling through Instagram, people expect to see short and engaging content, and most likely will skip long videos.

Thus, a perfect fashion video for Instagram or other social media platforms should be under 1 minute.

Make your videos more accessible. Nowadays, people watch videos in different places, not just at home.

And sometimes they can’t turn on the sound, so they need subtitles. Thus, if you add text to your video, it will make it more accessible for viewers.

Wrapping Up

You can do a lot using videos to grow your brand. You can tell and represent your brand story, announce new collections, and create useful content for your customers, and therefore build their trust, reach a wider audience, and increase sales.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, focus on what your customers want to see, and you will definitely succeed.