Expert Tips For Discovering Your Ideal Eyebrow Shape For A Long Face

Are you determined to explore the eyebrow-shaped possibilities for your long face?

Chances are, you won’t be able to find what suits you best with just a simple google search.

What better way to learn than to go straight to the source and explore expert tips for discovering your ideal eyebrow shape?

Whether they’re bold or subtle, discover the perfect brows that accentuate your facial features right here!

Explore the best suiting eyebrow shapes for long faces with this step-by-step guide and master the art of shaping them.

What Characterizes A Long Face

Understanding the characteristics of a long face is crucial in selecting an ideal eyebrow shape that enhances the face’s natural beauty. Explore the best suiting eyebrow shapes for long face here.

A long face is characterized by its vertical length, with a forehead, cheekbones, and jawline that are relatively elongated compared to the width of the face.

People with long faces typically have a high forehead and a narrow chin, creating an oval or rectangular-shaped face.

The distance between the hairline and eyebrows tends to be greater in a long face, while the width of the face is relatively narrow.

Some people with long faces may also have a prominent nose or an angular jawline, further accentuating the vertical length of their face.

Although it’s not a negative trait, finding the right eyebrow shape that balances and complements the facial features can be challenging.

What Are The Best Eyebrow Shapes For A Long Face?

Soft- Arch Eyebrows

For those with a long face shape, softly arched brows can be an excellent option for enhancing their facial features.

A soft arch can help break up the face’s vertical length, creating a more balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Softly arched brows are defined by a gentle curve that peaks slightly above the iris and then tapers down towards the outer corner of the eye.

This creates a natural, subtle arch that complements the shape of the face without being too dramatic.

One of the benefits of softly arched brows is that they can be very versatile, working well for various looks and styles.

They can be groomed to be medium-thick and not too short at the tail.

A longer tail can help to elongate the face and create a more lifted appearance, while a thicker brow can add some dimension and depth to the face.

Softly arched brows are also a great option for those who prefer a more natural and effortless look.

Unlike highly arched brows, softly arched brows don’t require as much maintenance and can be easier to maintain over time.

They are also less likely to appear too harsh or overpowering on a long face, which can be a concern for those with more prominent features.

Rounded Brows

This brow shape creates a gentle, curved arch that can soften the angles of the face and create a more feminine look.

The rounded brow shape can be achieved by creating a curved arch that peaks above the iris and slopes gently down toward the outer corner of the eye.

This shape helps balance the length of the face, creating a more harmonious and proportionate appearance.

One of the benefits of rounded brows is that they can help to soften the features of a long face.

This can be especially useful for those with a more angular jawline or a prominent nose.

The gentle curve of the brow draws attention away from these features and creates a more balanced look overall.

The height of the arch should, however, be carefully considered. It can actually make a long face appear even longer, while a lower arch can help balance out the face’s proportions.

Center-Arched Brows 

Center-arched brows can be a great option for any long-faced beauty who wants to add some definition and lift to their brows.

This shape features a more pronounced arch that aligns with the center of the face, creating a striking, symmetrical look.

The center arch can be achieved by creating a gradual slope towards the arch’s peak, which should line up with the middle of the nose and the center of the eyes.

This shape draws attention to the center of the face and emphasizes the eyes, creating a flattering and balanced look overall.

Long-faced Celebrities For Eyebrow Inspiration

Looking for eyebrow inspiration can be challenging but particularly difficult when you have a long face shape.

Fortunately, there are several long-faced celebrities who can serve as great examples of how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape for your unique features.

One excellent example is Sarah Jessica Parker. Her brows are a great example of how a soft arch can be incredibly flattering for those with longer faces.

Her eyebrow’s medium thickness and arch are just high enough to draw attention to her eyes without making her face appear longer.

Another celebrity with a long face shape to look to for inspiration is Sandra Oh.

Her brows are a great example of how a center-arched shape can be incredibly striking and elegant.

Oh’s brows have a more pronounced arch that aligns with the center of her face, creating a symmetrical and balanced look.

This shape helps to downplay the forehead and emphasizes the eyes, making it a great choice for those with a larger forehead or high hairline.

Liv Tyler can also serve as an inspiration for those looking for the perfect eyebrow shape.

Tyler’s brows are a great example of how a rounded shape can be incredibly flattering and softening for those with longer faces.

Her brows have a gentle curve that draws attention away from the angles of her face and creates a more harmonious and proportionate look overall.