The Rise Of The Independents: A Look Into Brits’ Hiring Habits

Clothes2order, trusted UK suppliers of expertly crafted personalized workwear, have conducted a survey of the general public to find out what matters most to people when selecting the right tradesperson to complete a job in their homes.

One thing that nearly all participants agreed on was a preference for hiring smaller businesses, with 93% of those surveyed opting for an independent contractor or small business to get the job done!

Tradespeople As Everyday Heroes

Tradespeople keep our day to day lives running as smoothly as possible by keeping our homes, towns, and cities safely functioning.

We all know at least one tradesperson that we can count on come rain or shine, but finding them in the first place can be a real challenge!

Be it a plumber, builder, electrician or gardener, tradespeople can feel like superheroes when you really need a job done right.

Qualities That Matter Most: Insights into Customer Preferences

Of course, there are a number of factors to consider when finding a tradesperson you can count on time and time again.

The below findings from Clothes2order reveal some further insight into the qualities that customers most value in their trades.

Key Findings

Preference For Independence

When given the choice, a staggering 93% of participants preferred to hire an independent contractor or smaller business over a larger firm.

This landslide vote indicates that, overall, the public perceives smaller businesses to be more trustworthy, or perhaps expects to receive a more personalized service when working with an independent contractor.

Top Priorities

When asked what they considered the most important qualities in a tradesperson visiting their home:

  • A striking 79% emphasised the importance of a tradesperson’s skill, proficiency and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Close behind, 75% highlighted the necessity of reliability in their chosen tradesperson.
  • 59% highlighted the significance of receiving regular and transparent updates throughout the process of the job.
  • 24% stressed the importance of property respect and tidiness.

Interestingly, nearly all participants favored these qualities above competitive pricing.

Other important factors mentioned were a professional and smart appearance, and the speedy completion of a job.

Red Flags: What Did Participants Consider Red Flags When Discussing Their Experience With Tradespeople?

During discussions concerning their interactions with tradespeople, participants frequently highlighted several key red flags that significantly impacted their overall experience.

These indicators served as cautionary markers, prompting individuals to reconsider their engagement or approach with particular service providers. Among the most prevalent concerns voiced were:

  • Hidden fees or changes to originally agreed costs: Participants expressed dissatisfaction when confronted with unexpected charges or alterations to the initially agreed-upon project costs.
  • Poor communication of project timelines: Poor communication regarding project timelines emerged as another significant red flag for participants. Instances where tradespeople failed to provide clear and consistent updates on the progress of the work left clients feeling uninformed and uncertain about the status of their project.
  • Unexpected delays to work: Participants expressed frustration when faced with unexpected delays in the completion of a job. Whether due to unforeseen circumstances or inadequate planning on the part of the tradesperson, such delays disrupted clients’ schedules and expectations, often resulting in inconvenience.
  • Leaving a mess behind once a job is complete: The failure of tradespeople to maintain a clean and organised worksite throughout the duration of a project was identified as a significant red flag by participants. Instances where professionals left behind a mess upon project completion not only reflected poorly on their work ethic but also created additional stress and inconvenience for clients tasked with cleanup responsibilities.

The Power of Professionalism: The Role Of Uniform And Personalised Workwear

In the realm of trades, professionalism isn’t just about skills and reliability; appearance plays a significant role too.

Personalised workwear isn’t just about looking sharp; it’s about building trust and brand awareness.

Tradespeople often work in customers’ homes or business premises, where they become the face of their brand.

A professional appearance, conveyed through branded uniforms, not only creates a positive first impression but also instils a sense of trust and reliability.

When customers see a tradesperson wearing a uniform adorned with a company logo, they perceive them as part of a legitimate business, rather than a fly-by-night operator.

Moreover, personalized workwear serves as a powerful tool for brand awareness.

Every time a tradesperson steps out in their branded attire, they are essentially walking advertisements for their business.

Passersby, neighbors, and even potential clients in the vicinity are exposed to the brand, reinforcing its presence in the community and increasing the likelihood of recognition and recall.

Beyond aesthetics, uniform and personalized workwear also contribute to safety and professionalism on the job.

High-visibility vests, hard hats, and other safety gear not only protect tradespeople from potential hazards but also demonstrate their commitment to workplace safety, enhancing their credibility in the eyes of customers.

In conclusion, the rise of independent contractors and small businesses in the trades industry reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards personalised service and trustworthiness.

As customers continue to prioritize qualities like skill, reliability, and communication, tradespeople can leverage the power of uniform and personalized workwear to not only create a professional appearance but also build brand awareness and trust within their communities.