Moving Out For The First Time

You’re thinking of flying the nest for the very first time. It’s a big moment in life. Your mum gets a little teary any time you mention it.

Dad’s talking about how quickly time passes. And you’ve certainly got some questions about what on earth lies ahead.

Moving out for the first time is one of the more daunting hurdles in life.

The good news is independence and all the excitement that comes with it lies ahead, but also a little more responsibility and the perils of ‘proper’ adulthood.

So, how do you do it right? Here are a few tips.

Make A Budget And Stick To It

Moving out means you’ll be the most financially independent you’ve ever been. This is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

As we mentioned in the intro, with such a sense of financial independence comes an equal amount of responsibility, so it’s important you establish a budget that you can stick to to keep you on the straight and narrow.

This budget starts with identifying an affordable rent/mortgage amount that you know you can deal with every month and then, once you’re in your property, coming up with a month-by-month plan to make sure you stay in good financial shape.

Making a budget is a big job that would take far too long to explain here, so here’s a good guide to making your own.

Find A Reputable Estate Agent

There are nearly three million private landlords in the UK, and not all of them are equal.

If you want to find a good property (i.e. well maintained, looked after and fairly priced) then a good place to start is by registering your interest with a reputable estate agent.

A good estate agent will have a network of good landlords and properties to choose from, and they’ll generally make the whole moving process easy for you.

Dealing with estate agents also provides peace of mind. If you contacted them with an issue with the property, they have to find someone qualified to fix the problem in a timely manner. They tend to be better with communications. 

‘Clean House’ As You Move Out

You’ll be surprised by just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over your 18-plus years of living at home.

As such, it’s a good idea to use your move as an opportunity to have a clear out and get rid of the belongings you no longer need.

This will help avoid cluttering up your new home immediately and do your parents a favour by not burdening them with a collection of goods they certainly have no use for.

You can even treat it as an emotionally cleansing experience, as you move from one stage of life to the next.

Know Your Rights 

If you are going down the rental route, it’s imperative to research, research, research! As a renter, you have rights and it’s good to know what is expected from you as well as what is expected from the landlord. 

If the property comes fully furnished its great news for you and there’s always a clause in the contract that you should read and remember.

Ensuring your landlord stores your deposit in a government approved scheme is also important. 

Don’t Forget About ‘Home Home’

While you’ll absolutely want to get familiar with your new surroundings and everything the local area has to offer, it’s important you don’t forget about the place you’ll probably always call home and those who are there.

Moving out for the first time is often an emotionally charged process, particularly for your parents or loved ones who are seeing their baby all grown up and moving on.

Once you have moved out, make sure to stay in touch, visit and continue enjoying each other’s company even though you’re no longer a much-loved member of the household.

Embrace The Experience! 

Yes, moving out for the first time can be daunting. But it’s a sign that you’re ready for the next chapter in your life and you should embrace it with both hands.

You get to understand life a lot better and what is required to be independent. Always remember though, your friends and family will always be available if you ever need help. 

Those are just a few points of making a success of moving out for the first time. And one final point to leave on: whatever you choose to do, remember to enjoy what is a very exciting time in your life.