Where Is Doc Martin Filmed?

Where is Doc Martin Filmed? If you are a fan of the famous UK show, you may be interested to know. The show, set in fictional Portwenn, takes us into the life of Dr Ellingham, a well-loved village doctor. Other interesting characters are Louisa, a local teacher, Mrs Tishell, the local pharmacist, and Ann Ruth, a psychiatrist.

Although Doc Martin is set in the fictional town of Portwenn and filmed in Port Isaac. That is a small fishing village in North Cornwall. Some places you will see in the show include Dr Ellingham’s house, his surgery, and Mrs Tishell’s pharmacy. These film locations are found in Cornwall, such as Doyden Castle and Sea Cove Cottage.

If you’ve just heard of Doc Martin, here is some information on the show.

What Is Doc Martin?

Doc Martin stars Martin Clunes as a somewhat cranky local doctor with a phobia for blood called Dr Ellingham. After quitting his prestigious job at a London-based surgery, Ellingham establishes another surgery in a fictional village called Portwenn. There he becomes an eccentric local GP known for his routines and brusque bedside manner.

Beneath Dr Ellingham’s somewhat tough persona is an appealing and relatable character. We witness his romance with Louisa Glasson, a headmistress in the village elementary school. The two entertain us with their turbulent romance as the doctor treats patients in the village. 

Our imaginations are also captured by the show’s beautiful setting with its car-free cobbled streets, quaint houses, and amiable villagers. Other interesting characters in the show are a bumbling police officer, a bird-brained receptionist, and the doctor’s loveable dog. Doc Martin is an appealing show that’s ideal for the whole family.

Locations Where Doc Martin Is Filmed

Doc Martin is filmed in various picturesque locations in North Cornwall. Here are some.

1. Fern Cottage

Fern cottage is probably one of the most famous Doc Martin locations. That’s where Dr Ellingham’s surgery is situated in a cottage with an impressive view of the village.

Ellingham’s surgery is located 100 metres past the harbour towards Port Quinn’s coast path on Roscarrock. It is the setting of humorous scenes as Dr Ellingham vomits due to his fear of blood while seeing patients. However, as the show continues, the doctor gains his patient’s trust as he guides them through emergencies.

2. Doyden Castle

Doyden Castle, where Mrs Tishell expressed her feelings to Dr Ellingham, is another prominent location in Doc Martin. It is a miniature castle set high on the cliffs of Port Quin. Fans will remember the Castle as the place where Doc Martin revealed his feelings for Louisa to Mrs Tishell.

3. St. Nonna’s Church

St Nonna’s Church also referred to as the Cathedral of the Moor, is the setting of Dr Ellingham’s wedding to Louisa. That is probably one of the most memorable scenes in the series because the doctor gets jilted at the altar. The church can comfortably seat 150 people and is located in an idyllic setting beside the Altarnun Village Green and River.


Now you know the answer to the question, “Where is Doc Martin filmed?”. Apart from Fern’s Cottage, Doyden Castle, and St. Nonna’s Church, other locations are the Liberal Club and Little Dolphins House. The former is the setting for the Golden Lion Pub, where Dr Ellingham enjoys a pint once in a while. And the latter is the location of Mrs Tishell’s chemist shop.

If you haven’t watched Doc Martin yet, it’s time to catch a few shows. You will appreciate Martin Clune’s depiction of the eccentric village doctor and the stunning coastal scenery. The show is also full of humorous, memorable scenes. Watch it on ITV, Acorn, Hulu, and Netflix.